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Apparently our Carolina Panthers aren’t getting any sort of royal treatment by the Carolina team owners when they head to training camp at nearby Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Offensive lineman Jordon Gross has apparently had to rent his own RV and park it on site, while the mean machine himself, former North Carolina Tarheel defensive end Julius Peppers has pulled a HGTV worthy makeover on his team-provided dorm room accomodations.

Prior to his arrival at camp on Friday, Peppers hired workers to install wall-to-wall carpeting in his dorm room on the Wofford College campus and also had a queen bed, a three-person sofa, a 52-inch TV screen and some lamps delivered to the room.

Maybe he’ll leave his decor for some incoming freshman to arrive to.

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The awards have just poured in for this year’s North Carolina Tarheel basketball team. I was waiting a few weeks for the dust to settle so that I could post them all at once.

  • ACC Freshman of the Year – Tyler Hansbrough (unanimous)
  • ACC Coach of the Year – Roy Williams
  • USBWA National Coach of the Year – Roy Williams
  • USBWA Freshman of the Year – Tyler Hansbrough
  • Rupp All-American First Team – Tyler Hansbrough
  • Naismith Award Finalist – Roy Williams
  • Associated Press Coach of the Year – Roy Williams

Brandon made mention just the other day that UNC lost their top seven scorers which combined for 91% of all points scored in their national championship season. To come back with such a young, inexperienced team and make such a showing in both the ACC and some non-conference play, just reinforces to me that Roy has put Carolina’s basketball program back to place where it was when Dean Smith was still coaching – before the likes of Matt Daugherty almost killed us for good.

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Tarheel Blue is reporting that Hansbrough Will Return For Sophomore Season. I’m glad we can finally put down the few rumors that he would be leaving us after his fantastic freshman season to go pro.

“I never really considered leaving for the NBA after this season,” says Hansbrough. “However, Coach Williams still provided me information he learned from his contacts in the league and after listening to that information I still think it is best for me to come back and be with my teammates again and hopefully have another fantastic season. The NBA is definitely a goal of mine down the line but right now I am enjoying college a great deal and feel I can improve in every phase of my game. I enjoy school, my teammates and being part of the Carolina Basketball program.”


“I visited with Tyler, as well as his mom and his dad, to give them information I had gathered from NBA people,” says Williams. “I asked Tyler to tell me what he wanted to do. He stated he easily wanted to stay in school and felt he could improve as a player. I agreed with that, but at the same time I wanted him to know he would definitely be a No. 1 draft choice this year and I wanted him to do what he wanted to do. His mom and dad completely support his decision. We are looking forward to having him be part of our team next year. It’s always important for us to do what is best for the individual off the court and that is why I shared with him the information I collected.”

He’s not just a good basketball player, he’s got a good head on his shoulders too. A guy with that much love for the game and enough brains to know he needs to stay in school might not belong in the NBA.

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This is terrible news for Steve Smith, but the NFL voted yesterday and put some rules in place to help curtail end zone celebrations a bit.

Players scoring a touchdown will be allowed to still celebrate, but basically only in more “traditional” style, such as dunking the goal post or spinning the ball. One of the main changes is that props are no longer allowed. I’ve been sitting here about 10 minutes trying to replay all the Steve Smith end-zone dances I saw this past season and I don’t think that too many of his will be affected by the new rules. Brandon told me once that Smith had to get all of his celebrations pre-approved anyway – by his wife – so I’m sure his creativity will pull through and provide us with another entertaining season in the end-zone.

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Brandon has already pointed out that I did terrible as usual in my Pick ‘Em. I think it’s a ‘curse of the host’ so next year, I’m gonna force him to set it up. Anyhow, I’m glad to see the both George Mason (who knocked off Carolina) and LSU (who knocked up Duke) both advance to the Final Four. At the very least, it shows that those are two tenacious teams and that their wins over the two big ACC schools weren’t a fluke or necessarily terrible play on the part of the Tarheels or the Blue Devils. I might just have to root for ol’ GM this weekend. Has a number 11 or worse seed ever won a national title?

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Lucas: Right Now – Adam Lucas on the loss to George Mason.


I had planned to write something today – but all I need to say now is “ditto”.

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Well, that game was a little too close for comfort. Has anyone else noticed that all four teams from the ACC are still in? It works out like this, with the number of teams from the conference in the parentheses:

  • Big Ten (7): overrated
  • Big East (8): overrated
  • ACC (4): Undefeated
  • 2006 Selection Committee: on crack
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Well, I’ve made my picks over at our Yahoo! Fantasy group, and I’m pretty pumped up for this years mayhem. I am pretty upset with Carolina getting picked as a 3-seed and having to travel to Dayton, Ohio for their games. I think that looking at Carolina’s strength of schedule and their tenocious play in the ACC tournament, UNC and Tennessee should’ve been swapped in their bracket, giving Carolina the 2-seed and allowing them “home court” advantage in Greensboro. Oh well though, I don’t get paid to make these sort of choices.

An interesting point to note is that right now, the majority of folks participating in the Yahoo! Fantasy Pick’em have Carolina picked for the Final Four, edging out Texas by one-half of 1%. I’ll keep my eye on the news and do some more research to make sure I don’t want to change any picks. I’m ready for tip-off of the play-in game though, so that we can officially say the Madness has stared.

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