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As in years past, I’ve setup a NCAA Tournament Pick’em at Yahoo! for any of my friends, family, and pretty much anyone else who wants to join though. Brandon has won for the last two or three years, and he tends to gloat about it quite a bit, so the more people who I can get to join, the better chance we have to beat him. I have a fatal flaw that always causes me to lose, but this year, that flaw might just help me win! The flaw? I always pick my Heels to go the distance and bring home another National Championship.

You will need a Yahoo! ID to sign up for it, but that’s free, so don’t sweat it. If you’re interested in the details, just click the “Read on…” link below to get the info
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I saw this on someone’s MySpace profile a few minutes ago and couldn’t resist borrowing it. I did edit it to remove some non-G-rated language and make it appropriate for posting here at

Remove Duke Stains

So there ya have it – Tide can remove even the filthiest of stains!

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All I have to say is, “I told you so!”

Yeah, I know. He won the Heisman trophy. Whatever. That was a long time ago. Forget it. Move on. John Fox – start looking for someone else, because Weinke is NOT the answer to Mr. Interception.

Does anyone want to disagree with me? I dare you…

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After reading this title, I know what all you Panthers fans are thinking – “He’s been questionable lately!” However, this is actually in reference to Jake Delhomme’s “sprained” right thumb, causing him to be listed as questionable for Sunday’s upcoming game against the New York Giants. I say “sprained” because it seems awfully convenient that this “injury” comes at a time when most Panthers fans are furious with Delhomme for giving up another game in the fourth-quarter this past Monday night against the Eagles. For those who didn’t watch the game, unless he sprained it on that last interception pass, he appeared to be fine all night long.

I’m no happier than the rest of the fans, but I do think Jake needs to pull it together and lead his team down the home stretch here, because theres only one thing that scares me more than Jake throwing a few more interceptions this season:

Backup Chris Weinke took the snaps with the first team Wednesday. If Delhomme can’t play Sunday, Weinke would make his first NFL start since 2001.

Yeah, I know. He won the Heisman trophy. Whatever. That was a long time ago. Forget it. Move on. John Fox – start looking for someone else, because Weinke is NOT the answer to Mr. Interception.

Full storyy

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So, my North Carolina TarHeels won the game last night against Ohio State, 98-89. This was a huge game, both statistically, and I think emotionally for the squad after such a heartfelt loss to the ‘Zags last week. I wasn’t too impressed during much of the first half – sure, the offense was there, but the defense was lacking around the three-point line (a terrible side-effect of the zone), causing the Buckeyes to almost runaway with the game at one point. But during the halfway-break, Roy Wiliams rallied the troops, and the Heels came out fighting. They were in control of the game for most of the second half, surrending the lead for only a few minutes midway through it when Tyler Hansbrough just lit up and started a run of 12 unanswered points for the Heels. In my opinion, it was Tyler’s most impressive showing ever. I saw two or three shots from under the basket that I thought didn’t have a chance, fall right through the net, one particularly when he was surrounded by FOUR defenders from Ohio State and another when it was one-on-one and he just used his sheer strength to power over the guy and drop the easy layup.

All-in-all, it was a truly great college basketball game. Two really solid, talented teams, duking it out on the court for the love of the game and bragging rights, not for a six-figure salary or to get the newest shoe from Nike to have their name on the side of the box. That game was a good reminder to me of why I love it so much.

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I’ve been rather quiet about the Carolina TarHeels preseason and their 4-1 start on the regular season, so I thought I’d make a quick mention about the ACC/Big 10 Challenge that kicks off tonight. What I really want to know is this: How long before someone in the Big 10 decides they need to cancel this annual event? In past seven contests, the ACC has literally spanked the Big 10, winning 40 of the 64 total games. I don’t this year will be any exception. Carolina does indeed have a talented (albeit young) squad, but so do many other teams in the ACC.

Tonight’s game against Ohio State will likely be one of Carolina’s toughest matchups this season outside of the ACC. Tip-off in the Smith Center is at 9:00 PM tonight and the game will be televised on ESPN, so get your game face on and plop yourself in front of the TV.

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College basketball season is really just around the corner and I’m probably about as excited this year as I’ve ever been. Yesterday, at a pre-season ACC event, the media picked North Carolina to finish first in the conference in the 2006-07 season.

The University of North Carolina men’s basketball team was picked to finish first in the Atlantic Coast Conference in the 2006-07 season by the media gathered at the 38th annual ACC Operation Basketball, held today in Greensboro. The Tar Heels were picked first by 59 of the 62 voting media members and were picked second on the remaining three ballots for a total of 741 points.

Oh, it gets better too…

Carolina sophomore Tyler Hansbrough was a unanimous choice to be first-team All-ACC and the overwhelming favorite for ACC Player of the Year. Hansbrough was named on all 62 ballots for the All-ACC team and is the only unanimous choice to the team. He was a unanimous selection to the 2006 All-ACC postseason squad.

Hansbrough received 48 votes for ACC Player of the Year, while Al Thornton of Florida State and Josh McRoberts of Duke each received four votes.

I’m ready for tip-off – what about you?

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Most of us are only thinking about football season at the moment, but I found this article in my RSS aggregator this morning: Yahoo! Sports – Ranking the schedules.

Out of all the ACC schools, Carolina will have the toughest non-conference schedule for the 2006-2007 basketball season. That’s OK though – our starting lineup is going to be brutal this year, with a deep bench to back it up.

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