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I can’t believe I’ve let a whole college basketball season pass us by without mentioning my Tar Heels on the blog. As I type this, I’m watching them play Florida State in the ACC tournament. It’s been a terrific year so far with them taking the regular season ACC championship and I’m now looking forward to the NCAA tournament. Or at least the portion of it that I will get to see. I’ll be out of the country for the entire 1st and 2nd rounds!

Anyhow, I’ve setup a couple of NCAA Pick ‘Ems on Yahoo Sports. One for friends and family (Group # 61723) and another specifically for the Church IT RoundTable folks (Group # 52239). If you’re interested, just leave a comment and I’ll send you over the appropriate password.

PS: If you don’t hear from me pretty quickly, you might consider emailing me at wantmoore -at- gmail -dot- com because I’ve been having some issues with Akismet lately and your comment may get lost in the spam.

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Distance to Chapel Hill: 182 miles
McDonalds Value Meal: $5.32
One lower-level ticket: $490
Fulfilling a dream: Priceless

I just bought two tickets to tonight’s Carolina/Duke game on eBay. It’s 1:25 PM and the game is in less than eight hours. I’m literally awe-struck right now. I don’t think the reality of it will hit me until tip-off. Thanks to Matt B for taking the other ticket in the pair – looking forward to the road trip!

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Over the past year or so, I’ve become a big fan of RightNation.US, “first and foremost a community of people who generally share conservative principles and values.” It’s basically like Digg or Slashdot, except with more of a general news angle rather than being targeted specifically at the technical crowd. It really is a great site to bookmark if you have any remote interest in national news and politics. I tend to shy away from “automated” news aggregating sites like Google News (and yes Brandon, those are the “mocking quotes”) in favor of RightNation, if for no other reason than the community built around it. It’s always interesting and thought provoking for me to read other people’s commentary on the stories.

The story that brings this all up today is none other than the Michael Vick indictment. I’ve never, ever liked Vick. He’s always been way too cocky of a football player with only slightly above-average talent. Yes, he can run really fast and dodge a lot of defenders, but seriously, in my personal opinion, at best, he’s either a) a solid running back, b) a mediocre quarterback, or c) overhyped. Why don’t we look at some numbers to see if it’s purely a personal opinion or if there’s any proof to backup my theory? Let’s compare Vick to Jake Delhomme. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would compare Delhomme to Dan Marino or Brett Favre, right? Right. Jake himself, is at best, a good all-around QB (at least most of the time… stay with me Brandon…), but here is his profile and here is Mike Vick’s. Open those up side by side and compare the numbers. Minus the rushing figures, Delhomme is a better QB on paper. I don’t mean for this to be a scientifically or statistically accurate analysis, but I do think it mostly proves my point – option C from above – Vick is overhyped!

The indictment has been a long time coming. Vick was questioned or arrested sometime last year for similar circumstances if I recall, but was never charged. I honestly believe the fighting dogs is the absolute cruelest thing anyone could do to them. I’m in agreement with tilly’s comment: “put Vick and anyone who has anything to do with this in a pit with their arms and legs tied together and let a few dogs have a go at them. If that does not finish them off then we string them up and electricute them with some battery cables or perhaps body slaming them, drowning…” However, thanks to our justice system, we know that won’t happen, so best case scenario for me is that I hope to see him on a future episode of Animal Cops getting himself some new bling around his wrists – the silver kind that takes a key to remove.

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I thought it only fair to post the final results of the 2007 NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em here for everyone who didn’t participate to see.

2007 Pick Em Results

Congratulations to Megan for taking home the Gold, my wonderful wife Bonnie for the second place finish, and to my friend Jeremy for his third place finish. Other finishes of note are Brandon’s 9th place finish – and my 8th place position. That’s right – I beat Brandon by one point – whoo! The final person I’d like to make a specific reference to is my friend of the Great White North – Eric who, sadly, finished dead last. Better luck next year Eric!

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As anticipated, Roy Williams has been elected to the Hall of Fame. Williams will be the eight Tar Heel to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, joining former coaches Ben Carnevale, Frank McGuire, Dean Smith and Larry Brown as well player/coach Billy Cunningham and former players James Worthy and Robert McAdoo are already members of the Hall.

Congratulations, Roy!

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In one of the coolest deals I’ve seen in recent weeks, CBS Sportsline and YouTube have partnered up to host some NCAA tournament clips. My current favorite is an interview with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski (aka “Coach K”) following last night’s upset by Virginia Commonwealth (VCU). There were two quotes or two that I found notable:

“One of the things about success… uhh… at time you’re going to lose”

“Sometimes in order to appreciate winning, uh, you uh, have to get your butt kicked. And uh, so we got our butt kicked and hopefully it will make us appreciate winning and make us better for next season.”

The game summary clip is enjoyable to watch over and over again too, especially since I missed the live broadcast of the game while I was in Winston-Salem watching my Heels play… and win!

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Finally, after years of putting it off, the Panthers have released Chris Weinke, the former Heismann Trophy winner turned third-string, washed-up, no-good joke-of-a-quarterback.

Someone had to go after they decided to keep six-too-many-concussions Dan Morgan last week.

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The much anticipated Carolina vs Duke games is tonight. The cool folks at have written a neat article with a bunch of statistics and trivia about the all-time series between Carolina and Duke. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Carolina leads the all-time series with Duke, 126-96.
  • Overall, Duke has won 16 of the last 21 games in the series.
  • Carolina and Duke have accounted for 31 of the ACC’s 53 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament championships.
  • Carolina and Duke are No. 1 and 2 all-time in the ACC in wins, ACC regular-season wins, ACC Tournament wins and NCAA Tournament wins.
  • Carolina has won the ACC regular-season title 24 times, including in 2004-05. The Blue Devils are second with 18 regular-season crowns.

I think one of the most telling bits of trivia there is that second item on my list above. My calculations says there have been 18 regular-season match ups since Dean Smith retired and I can recall a couple of post-season meetings also. Let’s leave out the various tournament games for simplicity sake, which roughly means that the pre-Bill Guthridge Tarheels are 121-80 against Duke all-time. Now add back in the recent Roy Williams years (he’s 3-4 against Duke since returning to Carolina as head coach), and you have a record of 124-84. I threw all those numbers out there strictly for the fact to point at the UNC has been mediocre at best since Smith’s retirement, but is improving since Roy’s coming to Chapel Hill a couple seasons ago.

I’m looking forward to the game (33 minutes until tipoff!), but unfortunately will miss the end of it due to church activities. Hopefully my faithfulness and dedication will be rewarded! After all, we all know God is a Carolina fan – just look at the sky on a sunny day!

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