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If you’ve had your TV or radio on anytime in the last year or so or even if you just get your daily dose of news from the tubes of the internet, you’ve probably heard the word “recession” mentioned a few times, right? Well, bad news for the liberal media and left-wing nut job politicians, but we are not in a recession according the the numbers released yesterday. Check out the story on Breitbart if you don’t believe me:

The country’s economic growth during January through March was the same as in the final three months of last year, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. The statistic did not meet what economists consider the classic definition of a recession, which is a retraction of the economy. This means that although the economy is stuck in a rut, it is still managing to grow, even if modestly.

I’ve had this argument with more than one person in the last month or two, the most fun of which was with my employer’s VP of Sales who didn’t seem to believe me at all. You can bet I’ll email him this article later today.

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Since I met Ian Beyer last fall at the Church IT RoundTable in Kansas City, I’ve been humbled by his incredible geekiness. The guy is running VLANs at home and has both private and public wifi as well. It’s definitely the most enterprise-y home network I’ve heard about so far. Anyhow…

While sure to be controversial, I have to say that he has hit the nail on the head with The Carbon Credit Crunch. In his post, he pokes fun at Al Gore and other climate change Henny Pennys.

Carbon credits are nothing more than 21st-century indulgences.

It’s simply not acceptable and almost seems hypocritical to buy these carbon credits as a response to your ever-increasing carbon footprint. The point should be to change your behaviors not offset them. It’s quite similar to something I’ve heard Dave Ramsey say regarding personal finances: you don’t need to treat the SYMPTOM (the debt), you need to fix the PROBLEM (spending more than you make).

I’m gonna go join Ian now to chop up some trees. For more reading, check out Brandon’s ongoing post about “global warming” climate change.

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The video comes from Focus on the Family Action’s CitizenLink, and it’s right on target.

Go out of your way this week to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to someone.

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I’ve posted a lot about Mike Huckabee in recent months, and I’m more excited everyday to see the progress his campaign is making. This is hot off the wire from Rasmussen:

Today, in the first full round of national polling completed since last week’s “debate” among Republican Presidential hopefuls, Huckabee has pulled to within three points of the frontrunning Rudy Giuliani. Heading into the debate, Giuliani led Huckabee by twelve.
Not only that, new polling data released today shows that Huckabee has pulled to within a single percentage point of Hillary Clinton in a general election match-up.

If you haven’t paid much attention to the election coverage so far, it’s about time to start, and I urge you all to take a hard look at where Huckabee stands on the important issues. If you have been following, I hope you’re becoming increasingly frustrated like I am with the schoolyard arguing and bullying tactics among some of the other frontrunners and will also give Mike a look.

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Poll numbers continue to show Huckabee climbing, with many of them showing him in second place in Iowa. The campaign definitely has traction and is still gaining momentum. Governor Huckabee premiered his first television ad yesterday morning on Fox News, and I have to say, it’s the most refreshing political advertisement I’ve seen in a long, long time.

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Brandon has a new post, which as plainly as possible, defends Bush and the Republican party in regards to the conflicts we are currently engaged in overseas (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.).

I refuse to consider any conflicts we are engaged in, now that Democrats are in control of both Houses of Congress, as “Bush’s wars” or “Republican’s wars.” The Democrats are in complete control of the money, yet they keep funding it.

I’ve debated with several folks recently who have been complaining about “the government” or “your President” and used the same argument: the Dems have been in control of both the Senate and the House for a year now and are we seeing any improvements? Are you paying less for gas, bringing home more money on your paycheck, or seeing lower prices at the grocery store? As my pastor so plainly put it in his sermon on Sunday, regardless of who you voted for, as long as you live in America, Bush is your President and it is still your government. If you don’t like that, I suggest you revoke your citizenship and flee to some other country. I hear Canada has great healthcare. And believe me, if you’re in that boat, you deserve only the best.

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Those of you who frequent my blog (the actual blog – not following via RSS), may have noticed a new image appearing to the right hand side a few days ago. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is my personal favorite of all the presidential candidates. I think a lot of people could get on board with Governor Huckabee’s platform, but most casual political observers (let alone your Average Joe Citizen) have never heard of him. I urge you all the check out the Huckabee site as well as the issues table that Brandon posted about yesterday, to get an idea of where each candidate stands on issues that are important to you.

Some other news about Huckabee:
Huckabee Breaking Away from the Pack
Huckabee plays up outside roll (w/ video)
Gingrich believes Huckabee will catch on

That last link seems especially important, because I’ve talked with a number of folks who would love nothing more than to see Newt throw his hat in the ring.

Anyhow, just trying to do my part to make sure people know all of their options.

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I guess I really need to create a new category for “stories you won’t hear a lot about elsewhere” as it seems I’ve been posting quite a few of them lately. On this morning I found this: U.S. troop deaths show sharp decline.

The number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq has dropped sharply so far in July after reaching record levels in recent months, a possible sign that militants are weakening, the No. 2 U.S. commander in Iraq said Thursday.

“This is what we thought would happen once we took control of the safe havens” used by insurgents and militias, Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno said Thursday. “We’ve now taken control of those areas.”

Though he called the drop in U.S. deaths an “initial positive sign,” Odierno cautioned, “I need a bit more time to see if it’s a true trend or not.”

The Pentagon has reported 61 U.S. troop deaths in combat and non-combat incidents from July 1 through Thursday — a rate that projects to a death toll of 70-80 troops by the end of the month.

That would signal a return to average casualty levels seen prior to April, May and June, when an average of 110 troops died per month in the deadliest three-month stretch of the entire war.

I too realize it takes more than one month to show a true trend, but it’s still positive news out of Iraq, and I can almost guarantee you won’t hear about it on CNN.

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