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Seven years ago today, my life changed. I was invited over to a small dorm room on the campus of Gardner-Webb to help celebrate the birthday of my cousin Nikki. It was a Sunday night and there were probably a dozen people there, friends of my cousin and her roommate Heather, and I knew all of them. Except for one. I met Bonnie for the first time that night and was immediately interested in getting to know more about her.

I thought about her quite a bit over the next seven days. The following Sunday night, pretty much the same group of people was re-gathered in the same dorm to celebrate Heather’s birthday. That night sealed the deal. I flirted and was flirted back with. A few days later, I snagged Bonnie’s AIM screen name from one of our many mutual friends and we started chatting quite often. About six weeks later, we declared ourselves as “officially dating” and the rest is pretty much history.

I may have only met Bonnie seven years ago, but I swear I’ve known her for forever and I’m looking forward to spending the next seven years and many, many, many more after that with her.

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I really got in big trouble for not posting a “Happy Anniversary” note on here back on our third-anniversary, so I’m taking a few minutes right now before heading to the office to say…

Happy Birthday Bonnie!

I know that the last five years for you have been way better than the first 21, but I wish you many, many more. I love you!

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I just wanted to to publically congratulate my lovely wife for completing her second semester of graduate school in pursuit of her MBA. She just completed her last exam last night and she ACED IT. With two semesters behind her, she still has a 4.0 – isn’t she so smart?!

I’m so proud of you! You worked so hard for it, now get busy with your accounting for this summer…

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I’m in Louisville, Kentucky for the better part of this week to help one of our offices relocate as well as begin the rollout of Asterisk throughout our company. Part of this task of relocating them is setting up a VPN between our office and our client’s headquarters back in Western NC. This will be my first attempt at the VPN stuff, so everyone please say a prayer that I somehow manage to teach myself something else this week and that it goes well.

I really do enjoy travelling every once in a while. This is my first “major” trip since I started my job two-and-a-half years ago, but I certainly wouldn’t mind doing it more often if it’s justified. I didn’t mind being alone on the flights or driving around a city I know nothing about, but what stinks is when it comes time to eat dinner – who likes to go to nice places alone? Isn’t part of travelling for work purposes getting to indulge yourself a little and hit up all the “nice” restaurants? Oh well.

And while I don’t mind travelling alone, I certainly do miss my wonderful wife. We were talking about this trip the other night, and we could only come up with a few times since we were married that we’ve spent a night apart, and couldn’t think of any time that we spent more than one night. It’s not that we’re joined at the hip or anything, we just try not to be apart more than necessary – she’s my better half, and I am her’s.

OK, enough with the sappy stuff.

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Pardon the interruption of my typical, useless blog rubble, but I actually have something spiritually profound to talk about for a change…

If any of you read my wife’s blog on a daily basis, you’ve probably already read about some amazing prayers that have been answered regarding our friends in Moscow, Russia recently. If you haven’t, go read it now, or my next few sentences won’t make a bit of sense to you. My mind really just was blown away. Often times, we want to see such drastic and tangible answers to our prayers, but it doesn’t always happen that way. God has truly blessed Genady and Vica for continuing to remain faithful, even when they had no place to call home. I have a feeling that if you were to approach some random Muscovites on the street and tell them Genady’s story about being evicted (for no apparent reason), they’d tell you that “he got what he deserved” for being a (former) member of the mafia/black market and for turning his back on the Orthodox church and choosing Christianity instead. Then, finish his story. Tell them how after a year of faithful prayer from him, his fellow Russian Christian friends, as well as many of us Christians back here in the United states – God gave them a place to live. And, a job. How can they explain that?

Well, after a conversation with a good friend earlier today – I know just the word to explain it: grace. God’s grace is sufficient for everything. Webster defines grace as:

5. A favor rendered by one who need not do so; indulgence.

8. a) Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people b) The state of being protected or sanctified by the favor of God. c) An excellence or power granted by God.

Personally, I really struggle with the thought of “grace” – it’s a hard subject for me to wrap my mind around. I know for a fact that I make it more complicated than it is. Webster does a pretty good job though, especially with the number five definition. It’s also easy for me to confuse grace with worth. I often don’t feel worthy to receive everything that God has blessed me with: wonderful wife, a home, great family, a job that I love… I could go on and on. But that’s just the thing. Grace doesn’t require me to deserve it. It’s a gift – given out of God’s love for me, and for you no matter what we’ve did, what we’re doing, or what we’re going to do in the future.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled, meaningless blogging…

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A good friend of mine has a birthday today, and one of her gifts looked like this:
Black 60GB iPod

iPod Back

For a 60GB iPod – I’d almost say yes to the guy. Just kidding! Happy Birthday and Congratulations Mel!

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So today is the holiday formerly known to me as Single’s Awareness Day. I want to wish the love of my life a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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I want to take the very last minute of this day to wish my wonderful wife a very happy one-year anniversary! I can’t wait for the rest of them. I love you!

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