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Yesterday, I ran my first ever 5K. It all started about 10 weeks ago when I decided to get healthier. I knew that to stay motivated, I needed something more than just an abstract goal to work towards, and the Sunburst Races seemed to be a great target to shoot for. I’ve never been a runner, but I felt a 5K was a great way to get started and see if I had it in me.

Bonnie dropped me off in downtown South Bend yesterday morning and the starting gun went off at 7:15 and half an hour later, my race was complete!

That’s an official time of 29:39 – just barely under my goal time of 30 minutes. It’s a great sense of personal accomplishment and I know I can improve on that time with more/better training and just educating myself on how to actually run a race.

As part of my training leading up to race day, I made a pretty drastic change to my diet and eating habits. I didn’t keep any real records of my calorie intake and how many I burned during exercise, but I did make a conscious effort to eat less “bad” food in favor of healthier choices and just exercise more. I eliminated almost all snacking – especially after dinner sweets. As a result of these changes, I dropped almost 20 pounds of couch potato off my body in the past 10 weeks and feel so much more energetic.

I really am so glad I decided to get off the couch and participate in the Sunburst 5K. I’m already looking for something else to run in the fall – maybe even a 10K. Only time will tell…

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I didn’t get started on January 1st, but I am making a semi-formal New Year’s Resolution to have a healthier 2006. My primary task to help out with this is taking Java for a run around our neighborhood several times each week. In the past week, we’ve been out three times and each time gets easier for me. The loop from our house, out to the main road, back onto the other street the completes the circle and back to our house is just over a half-mile and so far, I come back each time realizing just how out of shape I am. But anyway, I’ll document my progress here as things go along. I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll be running multiple laps around the loop before much longer.

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