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For those of you coming to me via RSS, Atom, or some other form of syndication, do yourself a flavor and click on over to see the shiny new wantmoore.com version 5.0. I thought I needed a fresh, new look for the blog considering the major life-changes that are coming in the next few weeks. Big, huge, major thanks to Taylor Smith for the incredible graphics you see above. He took my “idea in theory” and really brought it to life and made it way better than I could’ve ever imagined, let alone created myself. He claims he’s a n00b to custom graphics creation like that, but he could’ve fooled me. He did about six revisions in a 24-hour period and I couldn’t be happier. I serisouly owe that guy a nice steak dinner.

I’ve got a few more tweaks to make to the CSS to bend this theme to my liking, but overall, it’s my favorite wantmoore.com ever.

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I’m pulling my GoHeels theme down. I’m tired of looking at my sidebar busting out of it’s seams and I’m not inclined to repair it. I’ve currently selected the veryplaintxt theme from Scott Wallick and I plan to apply my changes to it’s CSS over the coming days. I’ve got a few ideas in mind, but not a lot, so feel free to make any suggestions here.

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The old saying goes “a picture is a worth a thousand words” so that would make the Moscow 2006 pictures equivalent to about a 191,000 word essay. What’s worse is that I hand picked those out of more than 900 photos, of which about 720 of those I took myself.

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I added pictures to the gallery yesterday. They start off with the mess of a telephone system we have at work right now and then there are lots of shots of the landscaping we’ve done around the house, bunches of pictures of our nephew, and as always, some of “our children” – Apache, Pixel, and Java. So, get on over to the Q2 2006 Gallery and enjoy.

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We skipped right over this blog’s birthday on Sunday. It’s been three years now since I started the blog, using good ‘ol b2 way back then. The site has been through quite a few looks since then, and reading through some older entries makes me realize how much I’ve grown up in such a (relatively) short period of time. I’ve been contemplating importing my old LiveJournal account into here so that I can maintain all of my “online history” in one place, but some of that stuff is way-embarassing. Maybe it’s best I don’t pollute wantmoore.com with it. 🙂

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This is getting awfully close to 50/50 if you ask me. I think I need to dig up some scripture and see if I can make this increase any.

62% Good

Hat tip: Brandon Jaynes

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The pictures from Late 2005 are now available for your viewing pleasure.

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It’s been almost a full year since I unveiled Wantmoore.com 2.0 and if you’re visiting through a browser and not a feed reader, than you’ll see that today marks Wantmoore.com v3. It’s quite the change! I don’t know how long I’ll leave this one around, but at least through March Madness seems appropriate.

I’ll be tweaking some things over the next little bit to my liking, but I couldn’t wait any longer to make the change. Here’s the kicker, I’ve actually got two WordPress plugins to release! They aren’t anything fancy, but I feel like I should at least package them up in case anyone cares.

Feel free to leave comments/suggestions.

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