Filed Under (Geekspeak, lucidCMS) by Justin on 2004-11-17

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of contactForm – a plugin for lucidCMS that generates a contact form in any page which you desire. The requirements are minimal – typically any system that has lucidCMS running should be able to use my plugin as well.

I have heard of cases where the server admins have disabled the PHP mail() function (recently written about by the infamous Double Helix over at and that will definitely cause my plugin not to work. Future versions may use the SMTP function of PHP to send the message, but don’t hold your breath.

Thanks to zachofalltrades for his assistance in helping me to get the plugin registering and working properly and to Brandon as well for error checking. Please feel free to use the comments of this post as a support forum of sorts if you feel so led.

That being said, download contactForm 1.0 from the Necessary Hosting servers.

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