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I love my wife. No, really… I do. She wrote a quick blog post yesterday titled “w00t!” and as you can see, she even spelled it properly! I’m insanely proud of her, not just for being a geek and using one of my favorite words, but for completing the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at Gardner-Webb with a 4.0 GPA! Yes, thats right. My wife is also a genius.

We’re approaching the final days before our big move. As of last Wednesday, the 23rd, our house is no longer OUR house. God has just done amazing things in the last several months to make this move not just possible, but easy. When we started exploring the feasability of moving to the Granger area, one of our long-time friends, Heather, said we should talk with her before putting our house on the market. We did talk to her and she agreed to buy our house! We never spoke to a realtor or anything. Absolutely amazing!

I’d say we already have about 80% of our stuff packed and ready to be loaded on to the truck, which arrives about 48-hours from now. My slightly OCD wife (who I love – see above!) is going a tiny little bit nuts because she loves organization and lists and knowing where things are and what still needs to be done. She can’t help it though, she gets it honest (love you too Mom Miller!).

Our last day at work is Wednesday of this week and we’ll have all day Thursday and Friday to finish loading the 28-foot trailer before ABF comes to pick it up and haul it to South Bend for us. Speaking of work – if any of you in the Michiana area have leads on a job for Bonnie, PLEASE get in touch with one of us via our blogs or on Twitter (@wantmoore or @gotmoore). Remember, she is graduating in a few days with an MBA and a 4.0. Surely theres a market for her to serve in the greater South Bend area.

Please do keep us in your prayers. The next week to 10 days is going to be insane for us – sure to be full of busyness and emotion. I saw something in the local Christian bookstore that will surely be my anchor over the next several weeks – “Where God leads, He will provide.” We know without a single ounce of doubt that God has called us to move to South Bend and be a part of the GCC family and we are definitely excited about what the future holds.

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I’ve had a few inquiries regarding how I setup BIND as a DNS relay for my remote offices. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds. I’ve standardized all my Linux stuff around Ubuntu LTS, so these instructions may need to be tweaked somewhat if you’re on a different platform. The BIND9 configuration stuff should be the same, but the location of the configuration files may (and probably will) differ.

I started with a clean install of Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS inside a VMWare virtual machine. During the installation, I selected the “DNS Server” option and proceeded. Once the install was finished and the virtual instance had rebooted, I ran “apt-get update” and installed all updates and again, rebooted. If you already have a working Ubuntu system and want to add BIND, it should be as simple as typing “sudo apt-get install bind9” on your terminal.

Now, here’s the good stuff. Open /etc/bind/named.conf.options in your favorite editor and make some adjustments. Here’s what my basic configuration looked like:

options {
directory “/var/cache/bind”;
allow-query { any; };
allow-recursion { any; };
query-source address * port 53;

forwarders {;

auth-nxdomain no;
listen-on-v6 { any; };

Make these changes to the config and restart BIND. Test that the lookups are being properly forwarded to the upstream nameserver. Once you verify it’s working, you can make additional changes, such as implementing a BIND access control list (ACL). Add something similar to this to your /etc/bind/named.conf.options file:

acl my-subnets {; //headquarters; //office01; //office02

Once you’ve added the definition for the ACL, change your allow-query and allow-recursion to the name of the ACL:

allow-query { my-subnets; };
allow-recursion { my-subnets; };

As usual, restart the BIND service and you’re all done!

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I’ve officially crossed the halfway mark in the big SonicWALL deployment of 2008. Ten of the 19 endpoints are in place and working absolutely beautifully. We are deploying two more tomorrow and the final seven on Thursday if all goes as planned. I had a few challenges pop-up, not surprisingly, related to DNS. The solution – a new Ubuntu 8.04 virtual server in VMWare to run bind and do some caching to lighten the load on my Active Directory DNS service.

Full report to come upon completion of project.

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