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Yesterday ended pretty well. The food at Buffalo Wild Wings was great – about 25 or so folks showed up. Got to meet Dave and Ed in-person finally and I think everyone had a good time.
wings evidence
Dave, Jason, and Ed might not fare so well in the Biggest Loser Contest if last night was any indicator…

If you happen to be one of the two or three people who follow my Twitter, you know that American managed to lose my luggage somewhere in the shuffle of me getting bumped to earlier flights, but when we got back to the hotel, American had been here with my bags, so it was a great day for flying for me. American is my new favorite airline, hands down.

Just finished up breakfast with Cisco and Nancy and we’re about to head over to Northwoods to check-in for the training. More to come later, specifically, photos of the training materials. You will be shocked.

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netnomad on 7 January, 2008 at 4:02 pm #

You think YOU have luggage problems…

The last time I went to Trinidad I took a boatload of sound equipment with me. I basically packed one of those coffin-sized Rubbermaid containers with a Swiss Army assortment of “things I might need” for the music we were doing down there.

Due to the value of the equipment (and the hour of the morning we arrived in Port of Spain) I asked the group leader if I could be the first person through the Customs line so I could hoof it to the luggage pick-up and get my gear. He agreed.

I was the first person into an empty room and they hadn’t started to unload our 767 yet. I was greatly relieved… for about 15 minutes. Cart load after cart load after cart load of luggage arrived in the room, and my “big green coffin” was nowhere to be seen. After it seemed that the box was not going to appear, I approached an Air Canada representative and asked them what the heck was going on. First they sent two guys back to the plane to look for the box. Then I insisted that they let ME into the cargo deck to look for it myself. Both searches came up empty, we’d been sitting in the airport for two hours (at about 5am) everybody was exhausted, and we just wanted to SLEEP.

I had my keyboard though (it was in it’s own flight case) so I gave them the number where we were staying and told them to call me when they found the box.

Two days (into a seven day trip) we got a call from the airport. The box had NEVER LEFT TORONTO. They sent it down to the Bahamas on the next flight, and had it ferried over on a local flight. I got it halfway through the trip.

Air Canada could screw up the Lord’s Prayer if you let them.

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