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There’s a post on the Mike Huckabee site answering the question “Who won the GOP YouTube debate?” Undoubtedly, the Huckabee supporters think he won. I have the two-hour debate sitting on my TiVo to watch tonight, as I was watching TarHeel basketball last night, but this really does seem to be a nice, humorous summary for the Huckabee camp:

I love that last statement:

Now whether we need to send somebody to Mars, I don’t know. But I’ll tellk you what, if we do, I’ve got a few suggestions… and maybe Hillary can be on the first rocket to Mars.

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Three years ago yesterday (that would be November 18, 2004), our little girl was born. A quick photo summary of her life:

IMG_0616 Taken on New Year’s Eve 2004 – she was about 6.5 weeks old
My best guess is that she was about 10 weeks old here – I know she was still young because she is still wearing the little red collar and she was still sleeping in our room (crate in background). IMG_0662
This was her first snow (January or February 2005) and these are still some my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of her. I’ll never forget how the snow made her just act like she was on drugs.
IMG_0707 IMG_0724 IMG_0722
We were checking her email. IMG_0259

And just some random favorites:

IMG_0027 IMG_0044 IMG_0018 IMG_1177.jpg IMG_1188.jpg IMG_0660 IMG_0812 IMG_0687


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Poll numbers continue to show Huckabee climbing, with many of them showing him in second place in Iowa. The campaign definitely has traction and is still gaining momentum. Governor Huckabee premiered his first television ad yesterday morning on Fox News, and I have to say, it’s the most refreshing political advertisement I’ve seen in a long, long time.

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originally uploaded by wantmoore.

I was looking through some photos on Flickr to add tags and I ran across this one of me and my dad. I don’t know why, but it really stuck out at me today. I love how we both have the exact same post, which I can assure you, is completely unintentional. It just goes to show you how much alike we are I guess – and as far as I’m concerned, that’s something to be proud of.

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On a whim last week, I made contact with our local newspaper to talk about our upcoming trip to Russia. A few emails later, I had arrangements made for their new Star Car to come and cover our fund raiser on Saturday as well as an agreement that they would publish a “guest column” talking about our missions work in Friday’s Faith section.

I got my team leader on the phone and explained it all to him and he said he would try to find someone to write it. Deadline was this past Monday, and when I got home from church on Sunday night, no one had emailed me an article. I sat down for about an half-an-hour and hashed out a rough draft and after a few revisions, emailed it on to my contact at the paper. The final version, with a few edits, was published in today’s Shelby Star on page A9 as well as online: Crestview mission team will return to Russia.

So, your’s truly is now a published journalist.

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Brandon has a new post, which as plainly as possible, defends Bush and the Republican party in regards to the conflicts we are currently engaged in overseas (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.).

I refuse to consider any conflicts we are engaged in, now that Democrats are in control of both Houses of Congress, as “Bush’s wars” or “Republican’s wars.” The Democrats are in complete control of the money, yet they keep funding it.

I’ve debated with several folks recently who have been complaining about “the government” or “your President” and used the same argument: the Dems have been in control of both the Senate and the House for a year now and are we seeing any improvements? Are you paying less for gas, bringing home more money on your paycheck, or seeing lower prices at the grocery store? As my pastor so plainly put it in his sermon on Sunday, regardless of who you voted for, as long as you live in America, Bush is your President and it is still your government. If you don’t like that, I suggest you revoke your citizenship and flee to some other country. I hear Canada has great healthcare. And believe me, if you’re in that boat, you deserve only the best.

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