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After reading this title, I know what all you Panthers fans are thinking – “He’s been questionable lately!” However, this is actually in reference to Jake Delhomme’s “sprained” right thumb, causing him to be listed as questionable for Sunday’s upcoming game against the New York Giants. I say “sprained” because it seems awfully convenient that this “injury” comes at a time when most Panthers fans are furious with Delhomme for giving up another game in the fourth-quarter this past Monday night against the Eagles. For those who didn’t watch the game, unless he sprained it on that last interception pass, he appeared to be fine all night long.

I’m no happier than the rest of the fans, but I do think Jake needs to pull it together and lead his team down the home stretch here, because theres only one thing that scares me more than Jake throwing a few more interceptions this season:

Backup Chris Weinke took the snaps with the first team Wednesday. If Delhomme can’t play Sunday, Weinke would make his first NFL start since 2001.

Yeah, I know. He won the Heisman trophy. Whatever. That was a long time ago. Forget it. Move on. John Fox – start looking for someone else, because Weinke is NOT the answer to Mr. Interception.

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