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Katya, who you can see here, delivered (by C-section) today, a very healthy baby boy. Ivan Alexandrovich (or Vanya for short) was born earlier today weighing in at just a little over nine pounds! At that weight, I guess he’ll be walking in just a few weeks.

A few more details can be found on The Stamey’s Blog. Please be in prayer for Sasha and Katya as they begin this new phase of their life as first-time parents.

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College basketball season is really just around the corner and I’m probably about as excited this year as I’ve ever been. Yesterday, at a pre-season ACC event, the media picked North Carolina to finish first in the conference in the 2006-07 season.

The University of North Carolina men’s basketball team was picked to finish first in the Atlantic Coast Conference in the 2006-07 season by the media gathered at the 38th annual ACC Operation Basketball, held today in Greensboro. The Tar Heels were picked first by 59 of the 62 voting media members and were picked second on the remaining three ballots for a total of 741 points.

Oh, it gets better too…

Carolina sophomore Tyler Hansbrough was a unanimous choice to be first-team All-ACC and the overwhelming favorite for ACC Player of the Year. Hansbrough was named on all 62 ballots for the All-ACC team and is the only unanimous choice to the team. He was a unanimous selection to the 2006 All-ACC postseason squad.

Hansbrough received 48 votes for ACC Player of the Year, while Al Thornton of Florida State and Josh McRoberts of Duke each received four votes.

I’m ready for tip-off – what about you?

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In preparation for purchasing myself a copy of the newly released Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 (aka FSX), I’m gonna need to do a round of hardware upgrades. I primarily need a new video card as my trusty old ATI Radeon 9600 Pro is starting to show its age in newer games. This is where the conundrum begins. I don’t wait to buy another AGP graphics card since even the cheapest PCI Express x16 cards can wallop pretty much any old AGP card. However, when I last upgraded, I didn’t consider the future of graphics, so my motherboard doesn’t do PCI-E, meaning I’ll need a new motherboard too. The geek in me says “do it now,” while my gut says “wait for DirectX 10 parts to be released,” and my wallet says, “you won’t be able to afford those for a while anyway” so I’m pretty much leaning towards going for it. In a bit of quick research, I think I can keep my current processor (Athlon64 3000+) and memory (1GB DDR400) and drop those into the ECS NFORCE4-A75 and replace the ATI 9600 with the PNY VCG66256XPB or something similar. This plan provides me with a much quicker gaming rig that I think will support FSX quite nicely, for less than $100.

Anyone here interested in a motherboard and/or graphics card? I’d prefer to trade for other goods rather than sell, but cash is always an option.

If anyone has any suggestions on other recommended parts, feel free to say so.

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The old saying goes “a picture is a worth a thousand words” so that would make the Moscow 2006 pictures equivalent to about a 191,000 word essay. What’s worse is that I hand picked those out of more than 900 photos, of which about 720 of those I took myself.

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We made it home safely last night. We were about 45 minutes late departing Atlanta to get to Charlotte thanks to the mess the rain caused, but still made it in safely. Thanks everyone for your warm wishes and prayers. We’ll both be blogging details soon enough, but we’re spending today getting caught up on laundry and sort of “decompressing” while we process the prior 11 days.

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We’ve made it a little past the halfway point of our trip and it has been amazing already. Joy recovered rather quickly from her sickness and there haven’t really been any incidents since. We’ve spent the past two days prayer walking and distributing some literature in our region and a neighboring region. Things are just going really well and we can all really feel your prayers. Our cards and letters from home are always welcome whenever Jeremy says “mail time!” We even had a letter from Java today (I think Kelly helped her type it). I had my first real Russian meal on Saturday night and it actually went pretty well. I ate some things I never thought I would eat and held it down and it was actually not so bad.

So, keep praying folks – God is really working through our team. Tomorrow we take a day off and do some touring and sight-seeing and then we head out Thursday morning to spend a day and a half at an orphanage about four hours outside the city.

A million thanks to Brad and Lori for all their kindness!

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I have a just a few minutes and I’ve been awake for more than 30 hours now, so I’ll have to make this brief. The flight was uneventful and extremely smooth. We had about 80 or 90 empty seats on the 767, so we were able to spread out and I got myself an exit row all to myself!

Our friend Joy is sick and currently back at our hotel all alone. Everyone please be in prayer for her that she would feel much better tomorrow. The trip is off to a great start thanks to everyone’s prayers. Please keep it up!

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Av8ur here. Our wantmoore friends are currently (as of 4:24pm EST) airborne over the eastern edge of Newfoundland on their 767, probably cruising at about 450 knots. Below is a shot Justin sent me from his cell phone – what a view they’ll have ;).


As Justin mentioned before I’ll be updating here pending emails from Mother Russia. Stay tuned…


I stand corrected, Flightaware just refreshed. It appears they were delayed about an hour and have just left. They just hit 15,000 feet and are climbing to 31,000 to push their way up to 470ish knots. Sweet 🙂

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