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I think I’ll be upgrading my laptop to OpenSUSE 10.1 over the weekend. I tried to do a “System Upgrade” from within YaST, but there were a ton of dependency and broken-package issues. Probably because I’ve wreaked so much havoc on this machine trying to get the latest gstreamer packages compiled recently so I could install the latest Rhythmbox with DAAP support. Maybe 10.1 includes the more recent versions of those… Sure would be nice to access my iTunes library that resides on my XP Desktop from the Thinkpad without having to rsync it every once in a while.

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I’m not sure what Microsoft is smoking, but if the current IE7 Beta is anywhere near what they plan on releasing, I’m gonna say that Firefox et al will have 75% or better market share within 18 months. It is that bad and Firefox is that good. The UI is an absolute disaster.

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Personality ID is a free online career profiling tool of sorts. Personality ID is part of the Career Direct Complete Guidance System, a new tool available from Crown Financial Ministries.

Crown runs a wonderful organization and their resources have been of tremendous value to Bonnie and myself as we have started our life together. They podcast their daily, 30-minute “Money Matters” program which I enjoy a few times each week as well as their quick little three minute segment “How To Manage Your Money.”

This isn’t meant to sound like a commercial for any of their products (I’ve never spent a penny on anything they actually sell – but they have some really great stuff in that department too) and I won’t make a dime if you click any of the links in this post. But, anyway, back to the test…

It told me I was a Director… allow me to italicize the parts I feel are dead on.

General Description
As a Director, you usually have a unique blend of confidence, initiative, and people skills. Typically, you are able to see the larger vision and then use your superior communication skills to motivate others toward accomplishing it.

Typical Areas of Strength
Directors, like you, tend to be outgoing, bold, optimistic, fun-loving, competitive, confident, assertive, and a visionary who motivates others to accomplish tasks. You excel by having the freedom to define goals and by influencing others to reach those goals.

Typical Areas of Struggle
You may get carried away with enthusiasm, have difficulty listening, overestimate the abilities of yourself and others, be overly optimistic about situations and outcomes, and use others too much.

Your Preferred Activities
To maximize your talents, you look for situations in which can use your high energy level to make projects succeed. You look for situations in which you can influence others, communicate ideas, and overcome new challenges.

Your Communication Style
You communicate emotionally by being direct, straightforward, enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic, bold, and emphatic. You become impatient with long or detailed explanations or discussions.

So, if you’re considering a new career or just want to take “another one of those online test thingys” – give this one a shot. I think it’s pretty dead on here. That last part is especially true. I have this one co-worker who shall remain nameless, that when they call me, always love to point out EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. that led them to where they are at that point in their day… “Well I’m just now getting around to ____, because earlier I had to go to ____ and then do ____ after that, so what’s wrong with my email?”

*sigh* – the joys of being the Help Desk.

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You’ve probably already read it elsewhere, but Zacarias Moussaoui, on-trial for his involvement in the 9/11 attacks, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday instead of the death penalty. Like Brandon said here, I’m not particularly upset that he got life instead of the death penalty. Guys like this believe they’re dying for their cause and becoming a martyr and then living eternally with naked virgins dancing around them because they did what “god” wanted them to. Well, congrats Moussaoui – enjoy the rest of your life suffering in prison – sans naked virgins.

Moussaoui briefly spoke following his sentencing:

Moussaoui, as he was led from the courtroom after the 15-minute hearing, said: “America, you lost. … I won.” He clapped his hands as he was escorted away.
Source: Breitbart

Well, more bad news for you Moussaoui: Dow Passes 11,500, Hits Fresh 6-Year High

America has bounced back from the worst attack ever on our country, and here we are today – economically more powerful than ever before. Iraq is now a free country. Not to mention that we WILL find “the Ace of Spades” – Osama bin Laden. Heh, if Sadaam was found in a foxhole, nasty and smelly – can anyone think of what would be a more fun, degrading place we could find bin Laden? I have dreams of finding him hiding in the bottom of a porta-potty.

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So, I don’t remember where I found out about it, but I just won something from inBubbleWrap. They give away books every weekday, no string attached. So go on over there, create an account (name, email, and a physical address are all that’s needed) and start entering everyday. I’ve been visiting for less than two weeks and I’ve already won! Yay!

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Customer service really has just gone down the crapper.
FedEx Express Tracking Stupidity
You see that? “Package not due for delivery”

Seriously, I know I didn’t pay for 2nd-Day delivery, but in all seriousness folks, would it not be the polite and right thing to do for your customers, on both ends of the package, to deliver the parcel a day early? If they want to really deliberately delay a shipment, I’m thinking they should do it before it reaches the destination facility. For example, if they would’ve waited one extra day before scanning the package upon arrival in Charlotte, and then forwarded it on the my local distribution facility, my package would’ve have arrived today, on-time, and I would not have even known about the “not due for delivery” rubbish.

It just reeks of bad service. In the future, I’m gonna give DHL a shot and see how that goes for anything that I personally have to ship. Also, the United States Postal Service (aka USPS) has a really fantastic service now called Click-n-ship that we’ve been using at work for several weeks for our non-overnight packages (Priority Mail Flat-Rate envelopes – Cram them FULL for $4.05) and I think it rocks. Go Post Office!

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I’m thinking of starting my own package shipping business. It may appear at first that this is an already crowded marget segment, but I believe there is room – room for improvement. Last week, Matt ranted about UPS and now it’s my turn to raise a ruckus about FedEx Express.

You see, I placed an order with on Thursday of last week, received the tracking number later in the day, and was all geared up to receive my package on Tuesday, May 2, just like the tracking promised. But then, I logged on this morning to check the tracking again and saw this:

Stupid FedEx Express

I really like our FedEx driver, but this is just stupid stupid stupid! He’s obvisouly in town somewhere today and he has my package on his truck. But now, it’s 5:03, we’re closed, and I’m going home. Sure, Express Saver (3-day) doesn’t guarantee it until tomorrow, but if he has it on the truck – why not bring it? I’m gonna have a chat with him tomorrow. I guess since our company only spent $15,000 on FedEx services last year, we’re not entitled to any customer service.

So anyway, “UPS sucks monkey nut” according to Matt, and as far as I’m concerned, FedEx Express can kiss my rear-end. If anyone has anything to ship to me, please just send it via USPS Priority Mail. That’s one thing the government usually gets right.

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As you know by, I’m working on integrating Asterisk for my employer. One of the uber-cool things that you can do with most SIP phones is upload custom ringers. Some you can upload RAW MP3 or WAV files, but others (like the Sipura-841) require you to upload it in a special format. While I was browsing around grabbing the latest firmware for my testing phones this morning, I saw that Sipura provided a tool to do that, so now all I need is a WAV file worthy of being a ringer.

Enter James Anderson and his ’24’ ringtone website.

Are you sad enough to want to reproduce that distinctive CTU ringtone from the TV series ’24’ on your mobile phone?

Well, I am. So I worked out the RTTTL code needed to get it on my little Nokia 8210.

But that was just the start of the story. Ever since I posted the code here back in 2003, along with the reference samples I used in order to work it out, a lot of equally sad people have sent me versions of the ringtone in different formats.

So here they are, for all your hey-look-at-me-I’m-Jack-Bauer needs:

I downloaded the WAV and converted it to a Sipura ringtone. Now, we won’t be using the SPA-841’s here at our corporate office, and I want to be Jack Bauer’ish, so I pulled out my Bluetooth dongle and pushed the WAV over to my Motorola E815. 🙂 Now maybe Bonnie will believe me when I tell her that I work for CTU.

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