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I confess that I’ve had some wierd dreams before, and don’t even get me started on some of the odd things that Bonnie cooks up while she is sleeping. Often times, I will wake up in the middle of the night, sit straight up in bed, and the solution to a computer (or other technical) problem that I was working on during the previous day will pop into my head. It’s very strange and random, but if I could draw a cartoon, I’d draw a groggy-looking stick figure sitting straight up in bed with a big, bright light bulb over my head with Bonnie waking up next to me saying, “Turn that stupid light bulb off and go back to sleep!” But instead, I normally have to get up, go to the computer and test/fix the problem or just find the nearest sheet of paper and scribble down enough information to help me remember the next morning.

As you devoted readers will know, I’ve been starting to work with Asterisk a little and something I’ve been a little concerned about is far-end echo when we have our local exchange service at my office ported over to a snazzy PRI from the current analog telephone lines we have. You see, both Digium and Sangoma make quad-span interface cards that offer on-board echo cancellation (roughly $2,500 each), but as of today, no vendor offers a single or dual-span interface with echo cancellation. Well, last night (I think it was last night, but I was just reminded of it this morning when SSH’ing into my * test box…) I had a dream that Sangoma had announced a dual-port T-1 interface card for under $1,000 that had on-board echo cancellation. Sadly, after checking into it this morning, this was only a dream.

So just to wrap up, while my crazy wife has visions of bathroom stalls dancing in her head while sleeping, it appears I’m running some sort of R&D facility in mine. Very, very weird.

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Bonnie =) on 19 April, 2006 at 3:42 pm #

And I thought I was weird. Thanks for making me feel better 😉 strange! One of these days we are actually going to rest while we sleep.

[…] Holy moly! Dreams do come true. I just happened to pop over to atacomm and saw that they are pre-selling theipVolution TDM60 – a dual-port T1/E1/PRI with on-board echo cancellation for under $1,000. Hopefully, VoIPSupply will be getting these as well, as Cory dropped by here a few days ago and sent me quite a nice message. Nice folks, those VoIPSupply.com people. If anyone happens to get their hands on one of these TDM60 cards for testing with Asterisk, please contact me and let know how it goes. « holmes enslaved by cruise   […]

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