Filed Under (Humor, Life) by Justin on 2005-10-04

Well, Bonnie already wrote about it, but this was quite shocking to come home to yesterday afternoon.
Apparently, Java got a bit bored while contained in her crate all day yesterday and decided it would be a good idea to eat her collar. That’s right folks, my dog ingested a collar. Thankfully, she didn’t swallow the parts that would more than likely be a cause for surgery. What you see here in this picture is all that was left. There was one small piece of plastic missing from the remains – hopefully she’ll pass it. Bonnie’s sister says they’ve had dogs eat collars before and it made its way on through, so we’re hoping for the same results. We certainly can’t afford another Pixel episode right now. So far, Java seems unphased – acting like her normal, energetic, spoiled self.

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