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Yes, I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. I have been absolutely covered up with work and extra-curricular activities since we returned to The States. Have no fear my dear readers, I am alive and well and I’m sure once things settle down I’ll be back in the swing of things.

On the work front, we’re in the final implentation phase of a HUGE project that was started months before I ever began working there. It’s meant quite a bit of travelling and spending more quality time with the other half of our I.T. Department. This project alone has been consuming two and sometimes three days out of the work week, and then the remainder to deal with the standard support issues that typically occur. It’s been fun, but I’ll definitely be glad when it’s over and we can sit back and say, “wow – we built that!” It’s also been a fantastic learning experience, technically and otherwise. Heh…

Tomorrow brings the end of another short-term work project. I was somehow chosen/nominated or maybe I volunteered (I was suffering major jet lag at that meeting, so who really knows) as the one to document and prepare the presenation/notes for a training session for some of our staff tomorrow. I barely finished the 44 page document and got it to CopyMax in time for duplication before punching out at 5:00 this afternoon. I’m looking forward to the meeting though, as I’ll get the chance to meet several employees that I haven’t gotten to meet in person before.

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Owen has posted quite a rant about where he stands in the epic Linux vs. Windows argument. I’m in same boat as he is, or at least in the same fleet of ships. I particularly enjoyed the next to last paragraph. Personally, I use Linux as my primary operating system on a daily basis, but I use Windows quite a bit as well. My primary desktop at home runs XP Pro and I admin quite a large network of Windows machines Monday – Friday 8-5. Each OS has it’s pros and cons and each fills it’s niche quite well. I have a feeling that Brandon will probably be agreeing with most of Owen’s rant as well.

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Lots of news today. First of all, they found another meth lab on the road where I used to live before we bought our house last summer. About one week after we closed on our house and I moved out, they busted a lab on Red Road, about a half mile from where I used to live. I drove by this house every-single-day so it was quite shocking. Well, in the today’s news apparently this guy got out the SAME DAY he was arrested on $10,000 bond and was only in jail overnight this time around and is now out on $5,000 bond. Sheesh. Something seem strange here?

On the geek front, we got our new camera yesterday, a Canon PowerShot S410. I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here that our Canon A85 was stolen while in Moscow by some thieving communist jerk while we were on a crowded tram. I need to call the insurance company and see if homeowner’s is going to cover it or not. Keep your fingers crossed!

And finally, BIG hat tip to Eric over at PoweredbyCoffee.net for this post which links to VirtualApple.com which boasts “an entire library of old Apple 2 disks” which you can play online! I just spent two hours playing The Oregon Trail and it was just as I remember it from elementary school. It uses an ActiveX plugin to run the old Apple II emulator, so Internet Exlplorer is required.

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I saw this post over at WLTC and just executed the optimization on mine and Bonnie’s blog database tables. I know I don’t have near the traffic that Mark does, but we’ll have a peek at usage logs in a week or so and see if there’s a difference. I somehow had duplicate tables in my blog’s database, one set with a “wp_” prefix and the other with a “wordpress_” prefix, so I nixed the unused ones. They were quite old, so nothing should be broken.

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We’re home safe and sound. And now my Heels are bringing home their 4th National Title. Now, I must go and hibernate. Details of Moscow coming later, once I become conscious.

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From Lori Stamey in Russia

Hello again. Sorry that I haven’t written in a few days. I’ve been leaving home by 9:00 a.m. and getting back in after 11:00 p.m. each day, so I just have not been able to write. I’m home with the children tonight so I have a few minutes.

The team has had a great trip. They have been a super team to work with. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty! We had planned for them to pass out 15,000 invitations to receive free Bibles and participate in a correspondence course. They ended up passing all of them out by Wednesday evening. On Thursday, they helped another team in another region pass out invitations and Brad had 5000 more printed for their region. They passed that 5000 out today. So altogehter, they passed out 20,000 invitations in the Goluvinsky region.

Wednesday night we saw a Russian ballet. Thursday night the ladies had a baby shower for Vica, Genady’s wife. Genady is the church planter working the region this team has adopted. Vica prepared a typical Russian meal for us and we sat around their table sharing stories for hours. She opened her presents and said that she received more gifts that night than she had in all of her birthdays put together. She really appreciated everything she received. Please pray for Vica and her baby. She is only 7 months along and has shown some signs of possible premature delivery. Several guys spoke at a Russian school that has an English department. The rest of the guys stuffed envelopes and got things ready for us to pass out today. This evening half the team had a Russian meal in the home of one of our church members. The rest helped one of our team members with a Friday night Bible study and English club. We’ve got just 2 more days together. Pray for the team to finish well and to enjoy these last few days. Pray for energy and strength. Pray for protection and safety. I think all but about 3 of the team members have fallen on the ice. It’s pretty slippery still.

Please also pray for the team’s trip home. Pray that there will not be any problems with their registration documents. Pray for a safe flight. Pray for chances to witness on the plane.

Pray for responses to come in from these invitations that have been passed out. Pray for us as we follow up after the team leaves. Pray that many will have a desire to receive God’s Word and study it. Pray for wisdom for Brad and Genady to know how to draw those who resond together to begin a new church.

Thanks so much for your support though prayer, your gifts, and this team. We have been blessed this week. The team has lots of neat stories to tell of how they have seen God work. Be ready to listen. They are excited.

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