Filed Under (Geekspeak) by Justin on 2005-04-28

I’ve been reading blogs and news articles all afternoon and evening regarding this lawsuit filed by TigerDirect in regards to Apple Computer calling their latest release of MacOS X “Tiger” and I think I’m on to something that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else yet. Has it not crossed anyone else’s mind that TigerDirect is NOT an authorized Apple dealer like some other web electronic retailers? I can only imagine that a company like TigerDirect has wanted to get a piece of that pie and maybe have been rejected by Apple at some point. So now, they’ve waited til the eve of the OS 10.4 release in order to cause as much of a publicity craze as possible.

Well, it’s working. The whole blogosphere is buzzing. Now, this may seem like a frivelous lawsuit on the surface, but apparently TigerDirect does have “Tiger” trademarked, so, it will be an interesting case to follow.

Anyone else think I might have something here?

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