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Lori’s email about Russia to us back at home.

Sorry I didn’t get around to writing last night. We’ve been getting to bed very late at night and getting up early in the mornings. We’ve had two great days.

Yesterday the team did a super job of getting invitations delivered to mailboxes. Our guess is that we gave out 3 to 4 thousand. The team has some neat stories of how God opened doors for them to be able to get into buildings that were locked. I’ll let them share more when they get back. We also had a party for the elderly ladies in our church. They were thrilled to get gift bags full of goodies and also letters that Christian friends in America wrote to them. Thanks to all who had a part in this. Bonnie shared a testimony about her grandmother which was very appropriate. Two Russian ladies also shared. We sang hymns together and just had lots of good fellowship. I’ll attach a few photos.

Today was our sightseeing day. We visited Red Square and the Kremlin. Then we went to Christ the Savior Cathedral. We also did a little souvenir shopping. It was a good day. We had a tour guide at the Kremlin named Luba. Please pray for Luba. She told me clearly that she does not believe in God. She respects religion, but has no use for it in her own life. I was able to share the Gospel with her and tell her how Christ has changed my life. She listened politely, but did not respond. I’ll attach a photo. Please pray for this lady. Pray that God would reveal himself to her and that her eyes would be opened to the Truth.

Tomorrow we’ll continue passing out invitations. We need to get out about 11, 000 more in the next 3 days. Please pray for open doors. Pray for chances to witness through our words and actions. Pray for strength and energy for the team. They’re tired. Pray for protection from the cold. It was 14*F when we woke up this a.m. and only got up to about 26*F. On Thursday evening, several men will speak to some students at an English school. Please pray for their witness. The ladies will have a baby shower for Vica, the wife of one of our church planters. Actually, on Monday we got a call that she was having some problems with the pregnancy. We haven’t heard an update yet. Please pray for Vica and for her baby. She is only 7 months and there is not good care for premature babies here in Russia.

I’ll fill you in on plans for the rest of the week in my next letter. Please do remember us in prayer. We depend on your support through prayer.

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At Justin’s request, this is Lori’s email to be posted on his blog.
Hello and Happy Easter. We’re actually not celebrating today. In Russia, Easter will be celebrated on May 1 this year. We’ve had a very good but very busy day. It’s 12:15 and I haven’t been home long. I won’t write much today except to say that it was a good day. Everyone is doing well. We’re ready to begin distributing invitations in the a.m. Please pray for people to be open and to respond. Please pray for energy and strength for us and our team members as well as for all of the volunteers. This will be a very intense week for all of us.

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Justin sent me an email requesting that I post this entry. -Helix

Hello everyone. Just a quick note from myself and Bonnie to let you know how things are going. The trip over was a breeze and believe it or not, I think I’m actually looking forward to the flight back. The food on the flight was decent too.

We’ve already begun our work and visted the region in which we will be working later this week. Earlier this morning, we split up into three groups and traveled to the Golovinski area and spent some time praying there. I hope that you will all do the same, and not only pray for us and the rest of our team, but for the mailboxes which will be receiving these invitations.

It was snowing when we arrived in Moscow on Friday morning and snowed mostly all day, but it’s been great weather today. As I write this, it’s 7:15 pm here in Moscow (which translates to 11:15 am EST) The food has been good so far, Sbarro yesterday and a place called Rostix today, which is a chicken place (actually was better than KFC if you ask me).

I doubt I’ll have a chance until next Sunday to have access to email again (Thanks Brandon for posting this) so until then, keep praying for us, our work, and safe travel back home on April 4th.

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Bags are packed and I think we’re all ready. I’ve posted the email address once, but I’ll do it again if you want to email us while we’re in Moscow.

Also, I just setup Brandon a login for my blog, so he can relay entries and/or pictures from email to here if I get time. I should’ve remembered sooner and setup WP to do that for me!

Later everyone.

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I’ve been asked by several of you to post our exact flight information, so I’ll do that in a few minutes, but first, some last minute thoughts and questions.

If you wish to contact myself and Bonnie while we’re away, I’m *hoping* that I’ll have at least a few minutes a few times during the trip to hop online, so please send any email to

I haven’t really given a lot of thought to what being out of the country for 12 days actually means, at least to my digital lifestyle. Now, I’ve read about some of the Internet cafe’s that are in Moscow, but I don’t really know if I’ll have the time and how close any of them are to our hotel, but for all intents and purposes, I’m planning to be “offline” for the next 12 days, except for hopefully the occasional email check MAYBE. Does anyone have any experience for managing the madness that will take place once I return? I’ll be turning on a vacation message to my email at work, but I think that’s the only measure I plan on taking. Comment spam shouldn’t be a problem, but I might go and turn off trackbacks because I have had some problems there. I will definitely miss my daily reads and especially all of the sites and news sources that I get through my RSS reader.

Well, without any further adieu, here is our flight info:

March 24 2005
Delta Air Lines Flight DL 5359 – Charlotte (Douglas) -> New York (J.F.K.)
Take-off: 2:36 pm
Land: 4:20 pm
Aircraft: Canadair Regional Jet

Delta Air Lines Flight DL 30 – New York (J.F.K.) -> Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Take-off: 5:35 pm
Land: 11:10 am (Mar 25)
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300/300ER

April 4 2005
Delta Air Lines Flight DL 31 – Moscow (Sheremetyevo) -> New York (J.F.K.)
Take-off: 1:15 pm
Land: 3:15 pm**
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300/300ER

Delta Air Lines Flight DL 5322 New York (J.F.K.) -> Charlotte (Douglas)
Take-off: 6:00 pm
Land: 7:46 pm
Aircraft: Canadair Regional Jet

**It really freaks me out that we do this psuedo time-travel thing by completing a ~9hour flight in what on paper is 2 hours, thanks to the time difference.

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Asterisk is a complete PBX in software. It runs on Linux and provides all of the features you would expect from a PBX and more.”

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DRM Free Songs from iTunes – Found on Slashdot.

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FREEZE! I JUST HAD MY NAILS DONE! – Ann Coulter’s latest is about the Brian Nichols fiasco. Great read as always.

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