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BellSouth is out at my house and VoIP is the new kid in town. I signed up with Vonage last night after doing some research these past few days. Bonnie and myself elected to take a new number rather than go through the hassle and wait of having my current number transferred. So, that being said, if any of you have my current phone number – trash it – because it’s already disconnected. If you want the Vonage number, just leave a comment with a valid email address and I’ll be sure to get it to you. The number is already setup with voicemail but I may have it forward calls to my cell until they get my adapter shipped here. The service looks fantastic on paper and they’ve gotten good reviews, but you can expect my full report on GOTC sometime soon.

In other news, I’ve started the updating of the infrastructure in this house. Cat5e has been first on the list followed closely by the installation of speaker and power cabling to allow me to hide my home theater goodies in the living room coat closet. Should have 3 or 4 network drops and the surround sound all connected and setup by the weekend. Then I’ve gotta tackle re-doing the phone lines before the convertor gets here. Gonna some busy days ahead – but I live for these kind of projects!

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