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Yes, justinandbonnie.com is currently down. Sorry, but there were some unforseen DNS issues which occured with the upgrade to the new server. Everything should be sorted and operational by end of the weekend.

In related news, I need some downtime of my own, in more ways than one. I’m physically exhausted. Working more hours than usual, staying up WAAAAY too late at night with my new #wordpress buddies chatting and testing the WordPress 1.2 alpha and beta releases. (My old LiveJournal will soon be imported into this blog!) I’ve had to start doing the yard work around the house since it’s that time of year AND I still need to finish painting the outside of my house.

On a closer to home digital level, I’m ripping apart my home network this weekend and rearraning machines. I’m switching my current file-server over to SuSE 9 Professional and aiming to make it my primary desktop machine. My current primary machine will get a nice clean install of WinXP and assume a role as mainly a “Gaming” system. What is basically boils down to is that I have anywhere between 5 -10 gigabytes of music, documents, pictures, and God-only-knows-whatelse that has to be shuffled from one machine to another and back this weekend. So, I’ll be kicking back this weekend in my new leather “manager’s chair” that I picked up last weekend and watching the file copy box for a few hours at a time. I’ll keep a check on email on the Z, so hit me up with the contact form if you wanna keep me company.

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