Filed Under (Life) by Justin on 2004-04-28

I’m tired. I’ve almost given myself insomnia. For the longest time I was doing well at forcing myself to bed before midnight. Now, it’s around 1am and I’m not sleepy. I’ve become fairly vocal in #wordpress on IRC and somewhat of a regular there I guess, to which I partially attribute my late nights. Although, I’d say its paying off. I am about to become involved in a FAQ project that is shaping up to be quite neat. Glad to finally be giving something back to the WP community.

I want a laptop. I’ve had a VERY strong urge lately to kick WinXP off my desktop and commit myself to SuSE for good. I haven’t really gamed in quite a while, and the last time I did it wasn’t anything serious. If I had a laptop, I’d install Win on it and use it whenever I had a task that required it. If I can ever afford more RAM, my current fileserver would make a pretty decent Linux box I think. As soon as I get several spare hours to swap hardware around, I might give it a try. One way or the other, by years end, I make the pledge to convert.

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Lily on 28 April, 2004 at 7:22 am #

Hi! Sleep is good. But it’s really meant for the day time 🙂

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