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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I’m so very excited to announce to you that…

I’M ENGAGED to the love of my life!

I proposed to Bonnie last night up on Beech Mountain and she accepted. I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment and we’re short on details at the moment, so I’ll update more later. Everyone just keep your calendars clear in the neighborhood of September 25th and October 2nd/9th. It will more than likely be one of those three dates.

On a more technical note, there will be a blog and/or message board for the wedding coming in the next couple of days. So, keep a check here and at Bonnie’s Blog for updates!

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Well I’ve had a few people ribbing me lately about not blogging anything, so here goes.

Been stuck in the day-to-day routine lately. Get up i the morning, work my early shift, come home and sit here and goof around all afternoon with web code/gaming. Nights are then spent watching TV.

I’m about to implement a new banner at the top of my pages and the photo galleries are getting switched over to their new PHP/mySQL powered back-end. I apologize for any down time caused by the changes in advance, but I’m not expecting anything of this nature to happen.

So Bonnie bought a new car. Well, not a brand-new car, but it’s new to her/us. Thanks to “Bucky” she got herself (and me, heh) a 1999 Honda Accord EX. It’s dark blue and is loaded with options. Check it out here if you want. I’ll get that album regenerated and added to the database before that goes live.

I was proud of my Heels until last night. I was really starting to get optimistic about climbing a bit in the ACC standing during the last few weeks of the regular season. Starting to look much less promising though. This weekend’s game against NCSU could be a huge factor in that outcome though.

And finally, in political news, Howard Dean has finally surrendered. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Too bad that the Democratic Party will be missing their lead black-eye candidate though….

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Well make it TWO losses in a row for the Blue Devils from Durham. Have I ever mentioned on this blog how much I love ACC basketball? Because I do, I really really do. After being tripped up by NC State on Sunday and now Wake Forest Coach K and his girls must be pretty upset. Then of course there is Clemson’s win over NC State tonight. The Clemson Tigers will write this season down in their record book as being a huge success. I mean seriously. How often do the Tigers beat two Top 25 teams in a period of just over two weeks? Sure, they only have 3 ACC wins over all, but they’re 10-13 overall.

It’s not too soon to start talking about the NCAA bracket either my friends. Most experts agree that the ACC will place 7 (yes thats SEVEN) out of our 9 team lineup in the big dance. Basing it off the RPI as well as my personal opinion, it breaks down like this.

Duke will undoubtedly get another #1 seed. Following in order of where they will be seeded are: NC State, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Maryland, and finally Florida State. Call me crazy, but at this point, I see it likely that the ACC might even place an 8th team. If Clemson can win a few more games, I feel like they might have a legitimate shot. An additional pair of ACC wins would probably do the trick. Accordting to CollegeRPI.com, Clemson has the 4th toughest schedule in the nation, just one spot behind Carolina. They’ll definitely have to win the majority of their remaining games to get their win percentage up, but I’m just saying I think it could happen.

Could be interesting season finale for sure. Of course that will all effect the ACC bracket as well, which could end up being key to NCAA tournament placing.

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I picked up the link for this story over on the Lockergnome Forums where I am becoming quite a regular these days. It’s a short synopsis of the sentencing of Richard C. Reid, the idiot who tried to board a plane with a bomb in his shoe. The full text of the judge’s sentencing statement can be found in a PDF file from the NACIC website here.

So apparently this guy was sentenced over a year ago and I swear I don’t recall ever hearing anything about it. Maybe I’m just forgetful, but then again if the media would’ve been all over it like they should have been, it would be a memorable sentencing. I’m thankful that we still have judges like U.S. District Court Judge William Young sitting on the bench.

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I’m back to using iTunes on a fairly frequent basis, and I’m contemplating arhiving my current mp3 collection off to CD-R’s or an old hard disk and starting my digital music collection from scratch. The AAC format/codec used in iTunes is fanastic as far as quality is concerned, and the software can rip a CD to AAC in ~5 minutes or so. The quality is far better than even a 160 kbps WMA file, which has been my codec/compression rate of choice for the better part of a year now.

Pepsi is currently offering free iTunes downloads through a promotion and I urge all you Pepsi drinkers to purchase 20 oz. and 2 liter Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Sierra Mist beverages and send me the iTunes code under the cap if you win. I promise to make good use of the free tracks!

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So, Clark is set to announce his withdrawal from the Democratic race tomorrow @ 3 p.m. Dean, why not do the same? Stop embarassing yourself and your party. Not that I really give a rip, but Kerry seems to be a shoe-in for the nomination at this point. Edwards would be a distant second and Howard Dean just simply not even in the same hemisphere. Oh well, continue your ignorance Dean, Letterman and Leno are always needing new material.

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I’m tapping this out on the Z while Mandrake 10 beta 2 completes installation. I’m just curious to see if it can beat SuSE, plus Brandon is pushing me towards Linux. More later perhaps…

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Well, a few days ago, I headed to the Mozilla.org FTP site and downloaded the latest nightly of “Firebird” and it has been fantastic! My version info currently shows 0.8.0+. So, imagine my surprise to see that they have AGAIN changed the name of this project. Clicking through to the press release, I found this:

The new release also marks a name change for the new browser, which was previously known as Mozilla Firebird. “We are pleased to release a new preview version of Mozilla Firefox,” commented Mitchell Baker, President of the Mozilla Foundation. “To avoid overlap with another open source project, we have also decided to changed the name of this product from Mozilla Firebird to Mozilla Firefox.”

Along with the new name, Firefox sports a new logo and the Mozilla Foundation is kicking off a grass-roots Get Firefox campaign to spread word about the new browser.

Well, I really don’t understand how this is going to help spread word, but I can tell you, I’m gonna do my part. Go and download Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and I promise you won’t regret it. Popup blocker, tabbed-browsing, themes, and hundreds of extensions. I personally LOVE my mouse gestures! They now distribute with an official installer, so go get it!

Edit: It has been brough to my attention that I should make note that the installer is only for the Windows platform. For all you 31337 Linux uesrs, stick to your “tar -xvjf MozillaFirefox” method and then create a shell script to launch the executable file.

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