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No, I’m not Bob Vila, just finally back in Shelby and getting settled back into my “routine” if you can call it that. I worked a full day today, and will likely work another full one tomorrow, and then I’m off again until NEXT Tuesday. So I should be caught up and rested up in a week.

If anyone is looking for a belated Christmas gift for me, or maybe even a seriously early birthday present, I saw an ad in the Best Buy paper yesterday for a Western Digital WD1600JB for only $79 after rebates. That’s a heck of a good deal on the best line of standard IDE/ATA hard disks on the market. Yes my mathmatically challenged friends, that breaks down to around 49 cents per Gig. Amazing huh? I’d buy myself one, but with this lax work schedule, I’d say I’ll be lucky to just get the regular bills paid next month. PayPal donations will gladly be accepted in any amount, as long as they are more than $1, since it will take that much just to cover the fees. Contact me if you’re interested in sponsoring me! 😉

Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a wonderful ’04 already. I’d be very interested in hearing about what you all got under your tree this year and whether or not it was exactly what you wrote Santa for.

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Good morning and Merry Christmas! It’s about twenty til’ eight at the moment and my wonderful body clock woke me up about 10 minutes ago. Less than 5 years ago I would have had problems sleeping last night and ended up waking my sister and parents up around 3:40 or 4:00 in the morning and making them get up so we could open presents. But, for the first time, someone else in this house beat me out of bed this morning. Daddy is already in the kitchen making breakfast for the family. I told him I would give him a few minutes to get everything ready before I go and start waking up Stacey.

It’s great to be at home for a few days with my family though. Just the few hours last night that I got to spend with all of them was great. I can’t remember the last time that we were all here and hanging out in the living room together with nothing else to do and no rushing around. This is what Christmas and the entire holiday season is about people – LOVE. Over 2000 years ago, we were all loved enough for God to send his Son to be on Earth. So take the time and be with your family and share that kind of love with them.

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I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. The Heels/Wake Forest game just finished the FIRST overtime. The second one is about to start. Tied at 104 right now. More later on when I can breathe normally again!

UPDATE: Woweeee! What a game. Normally, I’d be highly pissed to see Carolina lose a game, especially when they were previously undefeated. But I honestly can’t say I’m the least bit upset now. Yeah, I wish they would’ve won, but those guys played their hearts out (not to mention their bodies). So congrats to Skip Prosser and Wake Forest for playing an excellent game. Three overtimes is crazy. Not to mention the fact that the second one only netted FOUR total points for both teams combined, and all of those being scored in the final two minutes of the five minute overtime. Just a crazy game…. Time to get prepared for the next one!

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So I ran across an offer from offering THREE YEARS FREE of webhosting. Pretty good timing in my opinion, considering my current contract with is set to run out in late January/early February. I’m running some tests now to how well I like it and so far, they’re getting a good 3 1/2 stars out of 5 possible. First of all, you can’t expect everything for free. Only one SQL database, which is one reason why I’m looking elsewhere in the first place. If I can add additional ones at a reasonable price, I’m all game for it. The big thing they have going though is 100 subdomains. For example, give these a try:
[Note: As you can see, I’ve now registered too!]

Currently, those just forward to their proper locations on, but the possibilities here are endless! Before I even started my site earlier this year, that’s the sort of setup I wanted. The even bigger advantage though is that for now, I can setup the subdomains to redirect to, BUT when the time comes to make the switch to their servers, it will be seamless. The content would be mirrored on the WorldWebHosters & 1and1 servers. Next I have to tell DNSCentral that I’ve changed webhosts and give them 1and1’s nameservers. Then, once the DNS entry change refreshes it’s way through the Internet, using 1and1’s nifty control panel I start pointing the subdomains to their own server. A seamless changeover! Brilliant I tell ya…. What would I do without me?!

[Right Brandon? Wouldn’t that work seamlessly like it sounds in my head? Just need to make sure before I do anything crazy…]

Ok, off to bed. More tests tomorrow. I’ve yet to actually upload any content to see how my site looks from their server. I also want to test Gallery and see if it works, as I would like to move my photo albums from the current Coppermine setup that I’m using. TATA for now!

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I received an email a few days ago from the new author of the Lockergnome Linux Fanatics newsletter saying to look for my name in this weeks edition. I got excited and hoping that he had chosen to promote, but I was wrong. However, I did still get mentioned and actually my question to him made a feature article about Linux RSS clients. Go check out that second link to see my moment of fame.

Not giving up yet though. I’m making it my Year End/First of Next Year Resolution to get recognized by some sort of tech company, such as Lockergnome. Made a little headway last week whenever we got discovered by one of the writers at uptime. Sean had some really kind words for myself and the infamous Double Helix. I’m really enjoying the current series that I’m writing over at GOTC about building a computer. The next installment of that should be up over the weekend.

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I figured since Iraq got there present, I would make a note about some interesting holiday gift ideas.

First of all, I just clicked over to my favorite hardware dealer,, and they have a Western Digital 120GB drive (w/ 8megs of cache!) for ONLY 95 bucks! Woweee people, that less than 80 cents per gig. For all the geeks on your wishlist, remember that they can NEVER have enough platters of magnetic metal spinning around inside their case, especially with the proliferation of cheap RAID controllers these days…. *grins*

RAM is the other component I and my fellow computer geeks can never get enough of. DDR400 (aka PC3200) is also cheaper than ever it seems. A 512MB stick identical to the one I have is only $86, which breaks down to less than 18 cents per MB. *wipes drool from chin*

In conclusion, blank CD’s are always needed for geeks as well. Whether it be archiving MP3’s (only legal ones of course!), backing up crucial data, or burning copies of their favorite games while borrowing them from their friends burning the latest ISO of their favorite Linux distribution, blank media is always a good idea. Think of it as the geek equivalent of the neck tie you buy your dad every year or the candles you get for your mom.

“These are a few of my favorite things…” But look for a more detailed “Gift List for Geeks” on my favorite tech website, on Monday or Tuesday. I hear my favorite author, Syntax is working on a top ten list of sorts for all the uber-geeks on your shopping list.

In closing, there are two buttons to your immediate right for instant shopping access for your favorite Moore. The ThinkGeek wish list contains quite a few affordable items!

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I’ll just post my reaction: w00t!!! I’m glad we finally caught Saddam “Sleezeball” Hussein. Well, in a way. I’d rather wake up and say that he was shot with a Gatlin Gun in his croch during an attempt to capture him, resulting in death. Capture seems too easy for him. So now what? He goes to trial… sheesh….

But anyway, I have already read that he didn’t fire a single gunshot once they found him. He just surrendered. This type of action is cowardly, a complete turn-around from his previous nuke-waving self.

And now Fox New is reporting behind me on the TV that the stupid French president Jacque Chirac has issued a statement saying that the news is “delightful” and that they should help in the rebuilding of Iraq now. PANSIES! The French are just as scared as the Iraquis have been of Saddam returning. *sigh*

Feel free to flame me for my feelings and point of view, but it’s America, I’ll flame back!

    ADDENDUM: 10 minutes later.

Just so you know, the reason I wished he had died isn’t because I just want him dead. The main reason to keep him alive would obviously be for information. But seriously, come on guys. You know he ain’t gonna talk. What are you going to threaten him with??

UN Interegator: Uhh…Saddam, if you don’t tell us where the nukes are, we’re gonna kill you!
Saddam: Musha puhar eebelar! [Translation: I’ll never talk!]**
UN: Well, um, we aren’t really allowed to kill you actually.
Saddam: EEEEEEEEHHHEEEHHEEEHEEE! [Translation: Hysterical laughter.]

So see what I mean? No one would’ve questioned the soldiers in the basement if one of them, or ALL of them (*grin*) would’ve put a cap in his skull before bringing him in wrapped in a body bag.

So everyone stay tuned to the best news channel, Fox News. Man I can’t wait to see the O’Reilly Factor!
** The above is not really Arabic, I just made up some words.

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What about those TarHeels?! Another one down, w00t! I’m still a bit concerned with the depth of our bench. That weakness will really start to show once we get into the conference schedule and go up against the likes of Wake Forest and Maryland. If Sean May can shutdown big, ugly, goofy dude, those Darn Devils won’t even be an issue. I can’t wait for the ACC to get heated up!

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