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I thought this was good….
Can you hear me now?
Pay close attention that W. is wearing the gray jacket the the retarded Verizon guy always has on….anyway…I gotta sleep.

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Just in case you don’t know my stand on the war: I support my president and my armed forces 200%! God Bless America and everything that this country was founded on. I feel that everyone in this world is entitled to live like we do here in the greatest country in the world! Keep fighting the fight American troops and give the deserving Iraqi’s some freedom.

As I write, I just heard on the news that P.O.W.’s have been executed. May God be with their families and friends. Headlines like that make me want more than ever to enlist in the Air Force or the Navy. Some day, I guess I’ll get to fly a plane eventually, just not one of thesethese or these. But I digress. I do regret sometimes not going in after high school. But its too late for that now I guess. Someone says they won’t let me. 😉

Some links that are pertinent: Charlie Daniel’s Rantings
If you like revenge…
And possibly…my new favorite song
Later all….God Bless America!

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