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Bonnie sent me this link and I couldn’t help but laugh at one part. I do feel bad for the girl and her family…but this line can’t be beat. Be sure you read most of the article before you cheat and see what the blooper is.

” The girl has type O-positive blood but was given organs from a donor with type-A blood during the operation at Duke University Hospital.”

Yeah…now where would you rather be if you were deathly ill? Durham or CHAPEL HILL?

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What a weekend! I’m posting from Bonnie’s sister and brother-in-law’s house in West End, NC (that’s near Pinehurst in case you’re wondering). We’re kinda stuck here due to the ice and stuff. The roads are covered so we decided to stick it out here a little longer. So far, classes are onlyon a 2 hour delay tomorrow so I may miss an accounting test. Oh well, the safety of my sweetie and myself is a little more important and I know that the wonderful Ms. Foss will let me make it up. I don’t see how they’ll hae school though. It’s crazy here…

Ok…back to the PS2 and Madden 2003 or maybe some Bass Fishin’ Monopoly…

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Justin said, let there be a website, and it was so…

Well, a month later, it was so….

Anyways, this is just the beginning. Customization to come as I have more time and learn more. Enjoy…

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