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Yesterday afternoon, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of friends and colleagues about Asterisk. As promised, Here are my slides

Also, I created a “quick and dirty” spreadsheet to help you estimate what it might cost to implement Asterisk in your organization. By no means would I urge you to use this if you’re preparing a budget request, but it should be fairly safe if you assume a +/- 5% margin. For those who saw it yesterday at First Baptist Atlanta, I took the time to refine it a little more. I inserted a few IF statements to automatically add the echo-cancellation costs when you enter a number larger than zero for the number of T1 ports or analog ports.

Download Asterisk-Calculator

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[…] others.  Justin did a great presentation on Asterisk.  You can see his slides and calculator on here.  I’ll leave the transcripts to one of the guys who took really good […]

roderickm on 28 April, 2008 at 10:47 am #

Justin, thanks for helping others understand just how affordable Asterisk can be. Lower costs and more flexibility are definitely attractive attributes. Obviously your spreadsheet estimates only hardware costs. It doesn’t account for the effort in building, testing, and maintaining the system yourself, which can be substantial — but enjoyable if you enjoy highly technical endeavors. Digium not only sponsors and publishes the Asterisk open source telephony toolkit, but we provide supported, business-ready PBX products that are built for Asterisk.

Consider the Switchvox AA60 Appliance that includes the hardware, a support subscription, and Asterisk-based software with an award-winning web-based GUI:

If your readers are intent on building an Asterisk server on their own, the high-performance Digium TE122B is $150+ less expensive than the excel sheet suggests. There’s also the Atlanta Asterisk Users Group for sharing ideas with like-minded folks. And you’re always welcome to visit Digium|Asterisk headquarters in Huntsville! Or, sign up for an Asterisk training course hosted here at least once per month.

All the best in your Asterisk deployments,

Rod Montgomery
Director of Services, Digium, Inc.

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