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I made it to Kansas City without too much trouble. The weather in the Minneapolis area as well as Kansas City made the skies pretty rough, but I’m here and I’m alive.

The pre-conference day yesterday was really enjoyable. Jeffrey Thompson, Tony Dye, and myself made it to Church of the Resurrection just as Clif Guy was starting the intro to their IT environment. We then split up in to four groups and took a tour of their facilities. Afterwards we gathered back as a large group to wrap things up and for some informal chatting time. It was around this time that I met Matt Bradshaw, a resident Software Developer for COR – quite the nice guy. He runs Fedora + Gnome as his primary OS, so I’m trying not to hold that against him.

We finally left COR around 7:00 last night and went over to the Sunset Grill where one of the vendors paid for dinner for all 40 or so of us. It was a great time to just sit around and talk with folks and get to know each other.

I’m about to head out to the lobby to meet up with Tony and Jason Powell. Today should be a lot of fun as we get in to the actual unconference.

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