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This past weekend, Viper007Bond released a beta version of a slick new plugin called Templatedia. There were some initial compatibility issues with PHP4, but over the course of a few days, I was able to provide some feedback to him and help get it straightened out. I honestly think it’s the greatest WordPress plugin I’ve laid hands on in the past year or two, maybe only second to Akismet.

I’m not sure it’s usage is really all that apparent, but I think if I provide an example, you’ll understand better. I have it installed and running on Crestview’s site to do the heavy lifting for posting sermon’s online. Before Templatedia, I used to copy and paste this snippet from post-to-post and then change dates, titles, scripture links, etc:

Scripture Reference: <a href="">1 John 3:1-6</a>
<ul class="sermonnotes">
<li class="pdf"><a href="">Sermon Notes for 03/11/2007</a></li>
<li class="doc"><a href="">Sermon Notes for 03/11/2007</a></li>
<a href="">Download the sermon.</a>

Going through that and editing the dates and filenames each time was a bit tedious, and as such, I haven’t uploaded a sermon in almost five months. Now with Templatedia, it’s much easier. First, I take the same post from above, but this time, create a new Template:

<ul class="sermonnotes">
<li class="pdf"><a href="{{datestamp}}.pdf">Sermon Notes for {{date}}</a></li>
<li class="doc"><a href="{{datestamp}}.doc">Sermon Notes for {{date}}</a></li>
<a href="{{datestamp}}">Download the sermon.</a>

Then, I just call that template from a new WP post and pass along the variables:

Scripture Reference: John 3:1-6

And Templatedia does all the rest. Well, all the rest except for linking the scripture. I found another nifty plugin called < href="">The Holy Scripturizer that parses the post content for any scripture references and link them automatically. Tres cool!

Anyhow, Templatedia has a ton of possibilities and is very flexible, so give it a try. I’m about to go see if I can’t commission Viper007Bond to do some other plugin work for me…

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