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Over the past year or so, I’ve become a big fan of RightNation.US, “first and foremost a community of people who generally share conservative principles and values.” It’s basically like Digg or Slashdot, except with more of a general news angle rather than being targeted specifically at the technical crowd. It really is a great site to bookmark if you have any remote interest in national news and politics. I tend to shy away from “automated” news aggregating sites like Google News (and yes Brandon, those are the “mocking quotes”) in favor of RightNation, if for no other reason than the community built around it. It’s always interesting and thought provoking for me to read other people’s commentary on the stories.

The story that brings this all up today is none other than the Michael Vick indictment. I’ve never, ever liked Vick. He’s always been way too cocky of a football player with only slightly above-average talent. Yes, he can run really fast and dodge a lot of defenders, but seriously, in my personal opinion, at best, he’s either a) a solid running back, b) a mediocre quarterback, or c) overhyped. Why don’t we look at some numbers to see if it’s purely a personal opinion or if there’s any proof to backup my theory? Let’s compare Vick to Jake Delhomme. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would compare Delhomme to Dan Marino or Brett Favre, right? Right. Jake himself, is at best, a good all-around QB (at least most of the time… stay with me Brandon…), but here is his profile and here is Mike Vick’s. Open those up side by side and compare the numbers. Minus the rushing figures, Delhomme is a better QB on paper. I don’t mean for this to be a scientifically or statistically accurate analysis, but I do think it mostly proves my point – option C from above – Vick is overhyped!

The indictment has been a long time coming. Vick was questioned or arrested sometime last year for similar circumstances if I recall, but was never charged. I honestly believe the fighting dogs is the absolute cruelest thing anyone could do to them. I’m in agreement with tilly’s comment: “put Vick and anyone who has anything to do with this in a pit with their arms and legs tied together and let a few dogs have a go at them. If that does not finish them off then we string them up and electricute them with some battery cables or perhaps body slaming them, drowning…” However, thanks to our justice system, we know that won’t happen, so best case scenario for me is that I hope to see him on a future episode of Animal Cops getting himself some new bling around his wrists – the silver kind that takes a key to remove.

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Brandon Jaynes on 21 July, 2007 at 8:12 am #

Sigh. Ok. Where to begin? Sigh…

First of all, Vick is not a good quarterback, which is why it’s acceptable to compare him to Delhomme. The only thing Vick can do is run. When Atlanta plays, it’s the Vick-running show. They are a one-trick pony that fills the seats because of the artificially-created hype over Vick.

Second, Digg isn’t just tech news, it’s also frothing with left-of-liberal George-Bush-caused-9/11 conspiracy stories, too! I urge you toward this Google search for indisputable proof.

Third, you mentioned me twice in a blog entry, and you didn’t link me even one time? I mean come on, now, not even one link? Out of common courtesy don’t you think you should at least throw a measly link out for me?

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