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Tony Dye,a church IT blogger whom I’ve discovered in recent weeks, continues to crank out content that is both interesting and relevant to both my day job and as a volunteer IT Manager/Tech Arts/Webmaster at Crestview.

Over the weekend, Tony posted about a Make It Right Fund at Microsoft which is a very intriguing idea from the customer service perspective. The MIRF caps out at around $40 million a year and “would give salespeople unlimited resources to solve customer problems.”

I would love to see some other big box companies, and even some online retailers implement something like this. Knowing upfront that your supplier/vendor has the resources available to make you happy, no matter what, would certainly be a reassuring factor and more than enough to encourage me to possibly spend my dollars with them instead of a company without such a guarantee. For example, USLEC, the telco I just signed a three-year term agreement with for T1/PRI service at work has an amazing customer service gurantee: “If, at any time, you are not satisified that the quality of USLEC’s network, service, or support is at least as good as your previous carrier(s)… you may terminate this agreement without penalty…”

It layman’s terms, it’s called “Putting your money where your mouth is” and it’s very reassuring to me as one-man IT department for a multi-million dollar company and as the “Chief Tech Guru” for my church.

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