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Apparently, it’s been a year already since I found myself with a new favorite comedian, Stephen Colbert. I discovered his show last year after his wonderful performance at the White House Correspondents’ dinner and now after this year’s dinner, I have another new favorite comedian: President George W. Bush. I guess he was a bit jealous of all the attention Stephen got last year, so he decided not to invite him back. Instead, he provided the comedic entertainment himself with the help of the geniuses at ABC Family’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway” who wrote some material for President Bush. Here are some of my favorites:

Noting that Vice President Dick Cheney was not in attendance, Bush said: “He’s had a rough few weeks. To be honest, his feelings were kind of hurt. He said he was going on vacation to Afghanistan where people like him.”

Cheney’s recent trip to Afghanistan was marked by a bombing near where he was meeting with officials.

But seriously, folks, Bush noted that another person missing from the audience of broadcast journalists was Sen. Barack Obama, the Illinois Democrat running for president.

“Not enough press,” the president cracked.

There are a few more tidbits quoted in the article here, so go and enjoy them.

Update: I found the video on YouTube. Enjoy…

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