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I’m shopping for a gently used Mac for my church. I believe we need a dedicated machine for recording and other audio related functions to free up the projection machine a bit more and to simplify the workflow. Ideally, I think I want a year or two old laptop (Powerbook or iBook?), but I wouldn’t be opposed to a Mac mini or one of the newer iMacs. Since it’s for the church, budget is the most important factor, but I’d like to get at least 512MB of RAM and a 40GB hard drive, but I wouldn’t complain about anything above that. The HD isn’t much of an issue, the permanent audio archives will be stored on a file server that I’m about to setup. I haven’t even taken this to the proper committee yet (well, actually I’m 1/3 of the Technical Committee), but I can’t imagine that I’ll be alotted any more than $500 – hence the reason I want a used machine and not a brand new mini.

Push come to shove, I’m going to donate my old G3 iMac, but it’s pretty large in comparison to the other options, and space is definitely an issue in my sound booth.

If any of you out there have a Mac that you want to unload, or if you just have some helpful advice for me – leave a note on this post.

Update: I should have stated that we are a 501(c) 3 non-profit, so if anyone just happened to have something they wanted to donate or even sell it to us at below fair-market value, we can issue you a receipt for your charitable contribution.

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