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Microsoft continues to aggresively attack it’s competitors, and I continue to feel the urge to counter them as well as point out flaws in their arguments. I picked up the article Windows More Reliable Than Linux from BetaNews this morning, and got a good chuckle as I read it. Microsoft states the names of a few companies who chose to migrate from their legacy UNIX platforms to the Windows platform for it’s reliability. In their statement, Microsoft (for some reason) failed to mention the incentives that they and Intel offered these companies if they chose Windows and allowed M$ to use their names in press releases.

It gets even better though. Apparently, the suits in Redmond think that we, as consumers, are mathematically challenged:

Additionally, the company citied data from research firm IDC that showed Windows Server was the most popular platform for those migrating from legacy UNIX systems, with 45 percent turning to Windows.

It should be mentioned, however, that over half in the study did not choose Microsoft’s products — with 37 percent moving to Linux, and 16 percent choosing another UNIX variant.

So we’ve got 45% going from UNIX => Windows, 37% from UNIX => Linux, and another 16% from UNIX => UNIX . Now, I admit that I had to get my calculator out to do the math, but that looks to me like a total of 53% migrating to a new *nix-based system.

I read somewhere earlier this week or sometime last week that Windows servers stomped *nix servers in sales in 2005. That doesn’t surprise me. Has anyone ever seen Windows Server 2003? What a beast! We added two Linux servers at my place of employment in the past 18 months. Neither of them were purchased that way – how can they get statistics on that? Actually, both of those machines were “rebuilds” of some pre-existing machines. Not the latest and greatest hardware, but SuSE runs like a champ.

OK, I’ll shut-up now before I get labeled a Microsoft-hater, because I’m really not. Windows has it’s place on the desktop as well as a substantial place in the market for Servers (Active Directory is a fantastic piece of work IMHO), but I am sick and tired of reading all this crap that Redmond is slinging about Linux.

Edit: I just realized (almost 12 hours later) that Brandon beat me to posting about this story. He has a good comment too:

Listening to Microsoft claim that Windows is more reliable than Linux is like listening to this communist tell me how it is the best political system. In other words, there are so many examples that the claim is false that I don’t even know where to begin.

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Why oh why can’t Dell just break down and start offering some AMD chips in its PowerEdge line of servers? I’m shopping around for a powerhouse server that I know I can get a rock solid support agreement with (Dell’s 4-hour same-day response). I’d love to find a Athlon64 machine, but if I don’t come up with anything, we may end up custom building it in house, or having to go with a Xeon box from Dell. This will be a mission-critical box, which is the only reason I’m even looking at someone else to buy from rather than build it in-house. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I know I’ve got a pretty geographically diverse group of folks reading here – so help me out. Last year, Winn-Dixie closed down it’s operations in our area. A quick trip to shows that the nearest store to me is in Dublin, Georgia – 206 miles away. Is there anyone who has a neighborhood Winn-Dixie store who would be willing to do a little shopping for me? I’ve been craving some Big Sixty cookies recently and will gladly Paypal someone some cash or mail you a check if you’ll send them to me. Pretty please?

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Lucas: Right Now – Adam Lucas on the loss to George Mason.


I had planned to write something today – but all I need to say now is “ditto”.

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Well, that game was a little too close for comfort. Has anyone else noticed that all four teams from the ACC are still in? It works out like this, with the number of teams from the conference in the parentheses:

  • Big Ten (7): overrated
  • Big East (8): overrated
  • ACC (4): Undefeated
  • 2006 Selection Committee: on crack
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I’ve been a little slack lately with posting pictures (or so someone says), so here’s a few shots that Erin sent us today of the greatest nephew ever. If you look close at the first one, you can see a tooth!

Walker St Patrick's Day 02

Walker St Patrick's Day 01

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Desperate Housewives
Grey’s Anatomy
CSI: Miami
The O.C.
The Real World
American Idol
CSI (Original)
Trick my Truck
Flight Attendant School
Veronica Mars
One Tree Hill
In Justice
7th Heaven*
Two and Half Men*
The Unit*

* Make be superceded by other program.

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I’m close to getting a green light to begin Phase One of a project I’ve been planning at work for a while, and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve been this excited about something since my nephew was born. The plan is to replace our dinosaur Lucent/AT&T Merlin ACS PBX phone system and analog inbound lines with a brand-spanking new, state-of-the-art Asterisk-powered system and a PRI for phone lines.

I’ve been getting materials and numbers together for countless hours over the past two or three months and getting my feet wet with installing and configuring Asterisk with a couple of software-based phones.

Just wondering if anyone reading here has any experience with Asterisk? Also, I’d love some first-hand feedback on voipsupply and Telephonyware if any of you have ever purchased from either of them. voipsupply seems to be the more popular of the two, but the prices come out a little cheaper at Telephonyware, plus I just have a better gut-feeling about them.

I’m all open to any advice anyone has to offer before I really kick off this project.

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