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This is terrible news for Steve Smith, but the NFL voted yesterday and put some rules in place to help curtail end zone celebrations a bit.

Players scoring a touchdown will be allowed to still celebrate, but basically only in more “traditional” style, such as dunking the goal post or spinning the ball. One of the main changes is that props are no longer allowed. I’ve been sitting here about 10 minutes trying to replay all the Steve Smith end-zone dances I saw this past season and I don’t think that too many of his will be affected by the new rules. Brandon told me once that Smith had to get all of his celebrations pre-approved anyway – by his wife – so I’m sure his creativity will pull through and provide us with another entertaining season in the end-zone.

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Matt on 30 March, 2006 at 7:00 pm #

Weren’t they already limited to begin with? Couldn’t be but so long?

I thought that crap was lame to begin with – these ‘governing’ bodies for professional and college sports really make up some cracker ass rules sometimes.

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