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DailyTech has an article up today titledCDR Manufacturing Licenses to Change – Cheaper Discs For You and I.

Dozens of sources are reporting about the recent decision by Philips to cut CD-R royalties by almost half. Currently, $0.045 USD from every (sanctioned) CD-R manufactured is paid to research giant Royal Philips Electronics. Under a new licensing plan, media manufacturers will only pay $0.025 USD per disc. For the average 100 CD-R pack, that translates to a $2.00 USD savings.

This isn’t major news, but something you might not pickup elsewhere amongst other major headlines.

In other news, the RIAA has begun preparation for filing charges against Royal Philips Electronics for bringing music piracy paraphernalia to people who couldn’t previously afford it.

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netnomad on 20 January, 2006 at 1:18 pm #

And in other related news, the District Court that nailed Microsoft on several counts of anti-trust, have now turned their attention to the RIAA.

They are now going to make even MORE profit, with no competition in sight.

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