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I made the mistake of wanting to upgrade to SUSE 9.3 Professional on my laptop. I say it’s a mistake because I’ve completely screwed up and can’t get SUSE to install on it properly again. The Vaio has a PCMCIA CD-ROM which the SUSE manual installer detects as /dev/hda and my actual hard drive as /dev/hdc. This is all well and good until the install is complete and the system attempts to reboot. Well, the CD-ROM drive isn’t initialized at this point, so to the MBR we go to get LILO. Looks like we’re about to get somewhere – but wait! Where’s /dev/hdc? The boot process dumps to a VERY MINIMAL shell at this point and I’m left with an unusable system. I found a few things online, but nothing has worked so far. If anyone has any ideas on how to force the installer to make the hard drive /dev/hda during setup, please help! In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here pulling my hair out. Have a nice day…

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[…] As previously noted, during the install for SUSE (9.1/9.2/9.3) the external PCMCIA CD drive was being configured as /dev/hda and thereby forcing the hard drive to be setup as /dev/hdc. However, after the initial reboot, the hard drive is then detected as /dev/hda (the proper setup) but all the boot files and /etc/fstab configurations point to /dev/hdc for the system. […]

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