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I want a software-based remote for controlling an iTunes server. I know that the calls exist in the iTunes API because I’ve seen some software for a Tivo and obviously Apple uses it for the Airport Express. I just want to be able to control what’s playing on the WinXP PC in our office from anywhere else in the house with my laptop. Ideally, I think a Java applet of some sort would probably be cool so that it could work cross-platform. I’m booted into Linux 99% of the time that I’m on my laptop but I am forced into Win2k occasionally.iSee iTunes is a Tivo “hack” that will send commands through your Tivo to the iSee iTunes server on a Mac or Windows iTunes installation and it seems to be pretty nifty from what I can read. So – all this to say that I’m sure what I want is possible, it’s just not there yet. I can see this sort of thing as being wildly popular – too bad I’m no code monkey.

Maybe even a bash script would be something that could do the trick. How cool would this be:

syntax@seraph:~>itunes +1 (to skip forward one track)
syntax@seraph:~>itunes -3 (to skip nack three tracks)

Any ideas anyone?

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