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I definitely should’ve mentioned this in my rant about horrible customer service earlier, but allow me to correct myself now. In the little over a year since I started my services with Jim at Mindstorm Hosting, the customer service has been nothing short of superb in every way. It’s not just the customer service though, because everything from Mindstorm is top-notch. The hardware has been rock-solid (plus I recently got moved to a newer server for no extra cost) and I have tons of support options, down to Jim’s personal mobile number. The funny thing is, I went looking for a decent webhost last January and ended up finding not only an excellent host, but a pretty darn good friend too. So, I don’t think you were fishing for this in your comment, but keep up the good work Jim-bo!

Note to self: Move your cursor away from your WordPress Post bookmark before you begin typing an entry. If you click by accident, which I often do on my laptop’s touchpad, you’ll lose everything. And since it’s the same page being loaded again, Firefox treats it as sort of a refresh and therefore, you can’t go back.

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Jim on 3 February, 2005 at 3:46 pm #

Thanks! I’d have posted this earlier, but some guy in a ninja costume (and a very bad one at that) busted into my office and choked me. Mumbling about breathing privledges or some stuff. ;o)

the life of justin moore » UGH on 28 April, 2005 at 9:42 pm #

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