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This has to be a record setting blogging day for me. I think it’s my 6th or 7th post – not mention an edit to a previous post which should count as well. This is an update to that attempt at spamming…

Dougal has had a REPEAT spammer visit his blog a time or two now and tonight decided to have some fun with them. Rather than use Apache’s .htaccess method of restricting access by IP, he decided to write the TarPit plugin which rather than restrict them from your entire site, SLOWS DOWN the spammer’s attempts. Once the preconfigured time (default is 60 seconds) has passed, they are presented with an Access Denied message, or any other message you specify. Dougal compares this plugin to Kitten’s Comment Pay one which presents the spammer with a link to pay you to allow them to post their “comments.” My understanding is that the main difference being that with Kitten’s plugin, the comment is held in moderation, while with Dougal’s, the spammer’s IP is compared with those on a blacklist and they completely denied access to any WordPress powered pages.

Dougal & Kitten: I love this approach from both of you actually. I’d love to see these two plugins get together. TarPit run first and then if the IP’s are a match redirect to a PayPal link. Of course they would still be denied access even if for some strange they gave money. 🙂

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