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Brandon spoke of a problem on his blog. Seems he is an idiot and executed a virus file that he stumbled across while checking out some freeware programs for review on GOTC. The virus is Trojan.Prorat (though also known as Backdoor-AVF) in case you were wondering. Well anyway, he could boot to WinXP, but then couldn’t run NortonAV. Safe Mode wouldn’t work and booting from the XP install CD didn’t work either. Hmm, so short of wiping out his disks and reinstalling Windows (which he just did last week), what’s a guy to do?

Well first, you shove your fist through a wall, door, or maybe both. Then, ask your friend what to do and wait for an answer. Next, you blog about it to relieve some more of your frustration. Finally, I was able to step in and help. I downloaded BartPE dropped the latest McAfee definitions into the plugin folder, generated the ISO and ran it over to him. After realizing he had to have his RAID controller drivers installed, he was able to boot the CD, run the McAfee scan on his hard drives and rid it of the virii.

There WILL be a formal review and maybe even a how-to for BartPE on GOTC in the next couple of weeks. I just wanted to go ahead and throw this nifty tool into the hands of my geek readers as well as commit it’s name/link to my archives. Hope it helps someone.

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