Filed Under (Stuff) by Justin on 2004-03-23

Among the whole domain/server transition and becoming engaged, I completely missed the one-year anniversary of my first blog post. It happened back on Feb 12, 2003, while I was still using b2, waiting for WordPress to come forth into existence. It’s been a good year.

Now to celebrate, here’s the plan. My code stinks. To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised to W3C doesn’t call Jim and tell him to stop hosting my site because my code is so messy. For those if you uninitiated in the ways of webmastering, the W3c (World Wide Web Consortium) has this standard that sites *should* comply with in order to ensure the best cross-platform web experience. A good analogy would be what a health department does for restaurants. Well, the “health inspector” in this case is The Validator which takes your page’s code, digs in, and then spits out any errors. I just ran my blog template through and got 94 errors if that tells you anything. It’s really quite pathetic though considering that the default WordPress template is Very Valid XHTML and CSS. SO….. I’m setting a goal for myself to get all of my pages to validate within the next month or so. Maybe if that goes well and I still have plenty of free time, I’ll get to work on the GOTC pages…. God knows they are in worse shape thanks to my wreaking of havoc on the layout a few months back. But hey, then again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

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