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First of all, I want to wish Chuck a formal welcome to Apparently he has been reading from somewhere in the Houston, TX area for at least a month now since he made reference to my post about Firefox. Just for the record folks, it comments like this that make myself and Helix do what we do over at Just knowing that something we’ve written has helped someone out once. But anyway, I did want to wish Chuck, my Mac user, a warm welcome from yours truly.

In other news, I made a slight change in my decor at home tonight. I still need to take some pics of the rest of my house, but I painted an accent wall in my living room tonight. It’s a dark navy blue and the wall is located on the short end of my living room where my TV and the rest of my AV gear resides. Quite a big change and I must say, it looks fantastic.

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Chuck on 16 March, 2004 at 9:42 pm #

Thanks for the great welcome. That was really pretty darn nice. Good people live!
After using Firefox for awhile, I’m ready to become a Firefox missionary and convert the world . It’s the best browser I’ve ever used. It doesn’t become readily apparent…takes a few days, but then the elegance of it’s simplicity really kicks in.
No, I don’t have any vested interest in Firefox. I work in subsea engineering in Houston and merely love great products when I find them.
Great blog BTW, I’ll continue visiting. Thanks again for the kind welcome.
Chuck in Houston

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