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Rather than talk about the loss I just suffered tonight in overtime, let me avoid the subject all together….

BACKEND: Last night, I found a wonderful site, Kasamba.com. Think of it as sort of like a big yellow pages type directory, but all the experts are online and available for chat or email messaging. Just curious, I decided my pics project would be a good opprotunity to test the service out and get my PHP coding done with no headaches. Let me tell you all now that Eklipsse did a fantastic job and was excellent with the communication while doing so. We agreed on requirements and finances around 3 this afternoon and my 10 tonight the scripts were sitting and waiting for me. I would have no hesitations to be a repeat customer if I need anything else along these lines.

FRONTEND: I also have an online aquaintance working on some sort of new logo banner for me to replace the current one. My best guess is the current one is 6 or 8 months old and I like change, a lot. I do need some assistance though. My blog title, “the life of justin,” was something I came up with rather spontaneously, as was the line “Moore than you ever asked for” in my banner. I want to replace both of these with something a little catchier. I’m asking for suggestions. If someone submits one that I pick, I’ll find some sort of prize for you. Something geeky (but not so geeky no one but geeks would understand it) or a play on words with my last name or domain name would be ideal. Submit your ideas by using the comment link, contact form, or via email. I look forward to your creativity.

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Well, it’s almost game time boys and girls. In less than 30 minutes, UNC and Duke will tip-off inside the historic Dean Smith Center (aka Dean Dome) in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC. I’m heading out the dor to watch the game on the big screen with mi amigo Senor Helix.

So, here’s to the boys: Ray, Sean, Jawad, Rashad, Melvin, Jackie, and David. Hopefully we’ll even get to see some numbers from Damion Grant and the colonel Byron Sanders.


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I should definitely not be posting a 3rd entry in less than a day, but i just uncovered this story over at MSNBC. For those of you too lazy or simply uninclined to read about politics, President Bush may replace current Vice President Dick Cheney with….drumroll….. former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. If the article is truthful, the former mayor is atop a rather short list of candidates set to replace Cheyney, citing health reasons. I’d say with the polls showing a fairly close race between George W. and a democratic candidate, ol’ W. would be almost a shoe-in for re-election. Face it folks, the American people (not just New Yorkers) LOVE Rudy. This will be interesting to watch and see what happens….

Edit: So, if you read the article, you’ll note that Giuliani has long had a stance for Pro-Choice and Pro-Ga Rights, so I imagine this would have some impact on the decision. I don’t think the issue would be enough to push most Republicans away from their party and cause them to vote Democrat, but you have to at least think it would help Bush pull some votes from more liberal voters. If the VP thing doesn’t work out, apparently someone is promising Rudy a top-seat of some sort in DC come November/December.

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I’ve been rather silent regarding my beloved TarHeels as of lately, but rest assured it is not because I am ashamed. Of course, I am a bit disappointed. Sure, everyone has an off game every once in a while, and I wouldn’t be too upset if they were having a great year and lost on a fluke to one of the bottom two basketball schools in the ACC, Florida State and Clemson. However, losing to BOTH schools by a sum of 18 points?? That’s 9 each game for those of you not math inclined. It’s just heart breaking.

As far as mid-season rankings are concerned, I’ve been following them rather closely this year. I make it a point to check every Monday afternoon to see what happened, and of course I was met with serious, but expected disappointment this week. My next stop is usually Adam Lucas’ column over at TarHeelBlue.com. His final question from a reader this week was about the RPI versus the Sagarin rankings and I learned an interesting factoid or two. Hopefully they’ll come in handy while playing Cranium in the mountains someday. Anyhow, the RPI is what the NCAA Selection Committee uses when choosing the Super 65 teams to play in the big dance. UNC currently stands 18th on that list and apparently the top 40 are typically a shoe-in for the tourney. Not that I didn’t think Carolina was going to make it, just that bit of reassurance has been needed a time or two recently.

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So I finally found a page that lists all the Super Bowl ads and even allows you to watch them. The commercials can all be seen here. The 200k streams in Windows Media format look excellent here on my setup, but if you’re on dialup, just use the 56k ones. They’ll be good enough for a quick watch.

So, without further adieu, my very own “Top Ten Superbowl Commericials of 2004” (all automobile and pharmaceutical ads disqualified for lack of interest and/or innovation):

10) Staples: Randy the Supply Supervisor
9) Budweiser: Clydesdale Donkey
8) Pepsi: Busted Music Downloaders
7) IBM Linux: Shake Up the World
6) Bud Light: ‘Fergus, Bud Light!’
5) NFL: Singing “Tomorrow”
4) MasterCard: Homer Gets His Errands Done
3) Budweiser: Wrong Lipstick (w/ Dale Jr.)
2) Bud Light: Talking Horny Monkey
Drumroll please….
1) Budweiser: Yelling Like a Ref

And why not list my 5 LEAST favorite also:
5) Dodge:Monkey on the Back
4) Pepsi: Purple Haze
3) AOL 9: Motorcycle
2) AOL 9: Slow Ride
1) AOL 9: Car

So, what was your favorite? Let me know!

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I moved some things around here in my office today. I recently acquired a ATi 9600 Pro which features dual outputs. One via the standard VGA port and a second via the DVI output. I popped on the DVI->VGA convertor and then hooked up one of my old 15″ monitors and placed it to the right of my primary 19″ Trinitron display. The result looks a bit like this: (note: click for full-sized version)

New Desk Arrangement

It’s already been quite effective as a means of productivity. I can leave MSN chat windows and email going off to my right full time while working or browsing on my primary display. Not to mention the sheer geek/cool factor involved of running two monitors on the same computer. A definite score for me today…

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Well, what an interesting evening. Our hometeam Carolina Panthers, more specifically John Kasay, managed to choke in the final minutes of the Super Bowl. I honestly feel like they could have won. A few bad decisions on John Fox’s part skewed the outcome if you ask me. If they would’ve not elected to go for the two-point conversions, they would’ve been up two points in the final minutes, giving them more of a sense of hope. Of course, Kasay shanking the final punt didn’t help matters. It was only a free twenty yards.

How exciting though?! The “Cardiac Cats” managed to compete at such an intense level yet again. I feel the worst for Jake Delhomme, as he had an excellent game. The defense let him down a bit, and of course, Kasay shanking the final punt didn’t help matters. All I can figure is that Kasay was anxious to get back home so he could start looking for pictures of Janet Jackson’s exposed right breast. This article on the Drudge Report spills the info that Viacom/MTV promised “shocking moments” in the halftime show HOURS before the show began.

As far as commercials are concerned, the beer companies (Anheuser-Busch to be more specific) pulled through as always and BLEW AWAY all the other ads. I meant to take notes but the Budweiser commericals were excellent. I don’t really remember too many of the other ones, so that must not have been too fantastic. I encourage comments about this though, as I’d love to discuss them all. My “most bizarre” award goes to Cialis for claiming that it lasts 36 hours. Wow, what else can I say. Award for “most disgusting funny” would be given to the Bud Light commercial in which the horse’s rear becomes a rocket after being lit by the candle.

If I remember more about them all I’ll write some more, but if not, I still wanna hear your thoughts on the entire game. The halftime show, the commercials or even about the game itself, just click the comments link and leave your opinion.

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Well Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived. I’m heading to Brandon’s to watch the game tonight. I even jumped the bandwagon a bit yesterday and bought a Panthers tshirt. Woohooo! Check back here tomorrow for my take on the game as well as my favorite commercials and comments about the stupid ones.

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