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Well, a few days ago, I headed to the Mozilla.org FTP site and downloaded the latest nightly of “Firebird” and it has been fantastic! My version info currently shows 0.8.0+. So, imagine my surprise to see that they have AGAIN changed the name of this project. Clicking through to the press release, I found this:

The new release also marks a name change for the new browser, which was previously known as Mozilla Firebird. “We are pleased to release a new preview version of Mozilla Firefox,” commented Mitchell Baker, President of the Mozilla Foundation. “To avoid overlap with another open source project, we have also decided to changed the name of this product from Mozilla Firebird to Mozilla Firefox.”

Along with the new name, Firefox sports a new logo and the Mozilla Foundation is kicking off a grass-roots Get Firefox campaign to spread word about the new browser.

Well, I really don’t understand how this is going to help spread word, but I can tell you, I’m gonna do my part. Go and download Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and I promise you won’t regret it. Popup blocker, tabbed-browsing, themes, and hundreds of extensions. I personally LOVE my mouse gestures! They now distribute with an official installer, so go get it!

Edit: It has been brough to my attention that I should make note that the installer is only for the Windows platform. For all you 31337 Linux uesrs, stick to your “tar -xvjf MozillaFirefox” method and then create a shell script to launch the executable file.

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