Filed Under (Red Road Rental) by Justin on 2003-10-14

The office is completely finished except for putting the doors back on their hinges. I want to share some pics but none of them turned out decent enough. Walls and trim both turned out extremely nice and I’m surprising myself more everyday about how good I’m getting at this painting business. I also finished the woodwork and doors in the living room/kitchen tonight with the help of my wonderful girlfriend and it too looks fantastic. The hallway is also painted now and after I rework the trim color I’ll finish it up.

Next thing on the paint list is my bedroom. I’m slightly ecstatic about the color that’s going in there; it’s by far my favorite out of our 1000+ color fan deck at work.  Even more exciting is the fact that I should be able to finish up my makeshift structured wiring situation tomorrow. The coax is all taken care of already, but I still have to crawl back under the house and add a few more strands of Cat5 and then splice the new phone lines together as well as terminate all the Ethernet jacks. As soon as I get my wiring all finished I’ll have to get in touch with Time Warner to have my RoadRunner and Digital Cable with the DVR connected. J Now that’s something to be happy about!

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