Filed Under (Red Road Rental) by Justin on 2003-10-07

Got a few minutes in at the new place after work tonight. Getting off at 6:00 doesn’t leave a lot of time before dark though. I’ll have power turned on by the end of the week though hopefully. I finished painting the ceiling in the Living Room/Kitchen/Hallway area and it looks fantastic! I’m so excited that I get to put the color on the walls tomorrow morning. I have all day off so it should prove to be very productive. Hopefully, I’ll even get to start in my office space by lunch time tomorrow. That’s the room I’m most thrilled about. The colors are top-secret except for those people closest to me, because honestly most of you will just freak. But, the end result should be fairly nice and I can’t wait to show you some images of the entire place when I’m done. Brandon is coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me run the cables that I need for full-house connectivity. Cable, Ethernet, and telephone in every room that I deem it necessary. I snagged a fantastic shelf from work today that we were going to throw out. It’s about 5’ high, 2’ deep, and 4’ long with 5 different shelves. It’s built fairly rugged too, so I’m gonna store a lot of computers and parts on it. I’ve got 5 machines sitting in here right now waiting to be repaired, used, or returned to their rightful owners. Wait, only one of them belongs to someone else!

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